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Skin of colour suffers with different issues to caucasian skin and requires different products, routines and treatments.

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✔ Why Is Skin Of Colour Different To Caucasian Skin?
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✔ Why Skin Of Colour Requires Different Products?

1. Midnight Recovery Concentrate
2. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream
3. Cannabis Sativa Seed oil
4.Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
5. Daily UV Defense SPF50

Dr Vanita Rattan pioneered:
– The World’s 1st Hyperpigmentation treatment for skin of colour,
– The World’s 1st Dark Circles treatment
– The World’s 1st Melasma sunglasses (Dr V)
– The World’s 1st Lip Pigmentation Kit (Dr V LipX)

She also founded The Hyperpigmentation Clinic which is the ONLY Pigmentation Specialist Clinic for darker skin world wide treating over 30,000 cases with a 95% SUCCESS RATE
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43 Replies to “[Video đánh giá] KIEHL'S REVIEW BY DOCTOR V| BROWN/ DARK SKIN OF COLOUR | #SOC”

  1. I’m so glad I came to watch this review before I spent $56 on the dark spot corrector🤦🏾‍♀️the lady at ultra told me it was the best one

  2. I bought kiehls and spent a good chunk of my hard earned money on it. And somehow I just couldn’t understand the hype. I was so so disappointed! Literally half use mid night recovery concentrate is laying on my shelf. I plan to moisture my hands and legs with it now!

  3. Hi Dr Vanita, where are you based in uk and how can I book ab appointment with you to treat my deadly dull skin specially my dark/ sun spots? 😬

  4. Thank you so much, ma'am. I was about to make a mistake of buying the midnight recovery serum. Could you please a good retinol serum for my mom who's 50yo. Thanks in advance!

  5. Dear Dr. Vita, could you please review the skin care brand NIOD? It is sister company from Ordinary. I like their core products. But do not know if it is good ingredients in their product. Thank you!

  6. I was hoping she would touch bases on the ultra facial cleanser. It’s fairly inexpensive, but not sure of it’s effectiveness. I’ve been using This line for quite sometime after deciding to upgrade from drugstore. Just not seeing the results and don’t feel it’s worth the extra coins that I wouldn’t normally spend in a drugstore.

  7. Hello! I have learned so much from you! I am slowly changing the products I use but most of the products you recommend I cannot find in India. Could you please recommend indian products (required for a full day time and night time routine) for acne prone, sensitive, combination skin please!!!!

  8. Hi Dr. V. Could you please do a video on the best Vitamin C serums to use? That would be very helpful to a lot of people like me.

  9. I really wish they would make a fragrance and essential oil free version of the recovery concentrate. I’m sure it would work just as fine without the risks.

  10. The Ultra Facial Cream is my go to cream. I have combo, sensitive skin. I can't find anything else to keep my face moisturized at night. I guess I'm lucky it doesn't bother my skin.

  11. Thanks so much for all of your great content! Not sure if I missed it but can you do some reviews on the Sunday Riley products .. best & worst? Please & thanks 🙂

  12. I immediately purchased Simple micellar facial wash, Light hydrating moisturizer and Simple Alcohol Free Toner after watching abundance of skincare videos and watch Dr V's video about Simple product line.

    I can't believe myself that it cost less than other high end products but the truth is most of the ingredients are good for our skin and less clogging. The only downside is the toner is not exactly alcohol free and that one particular ingredients is not good for our skin. However, I am only able to afford that toner for now. I am currently confuse what toner is good for combination to oily skin.

  13. What is your take on Japanese skincare products? I was thinking of switching from the neutrogena stuff I always use. But I just picked up the free Kiehls sample pack from the store.

  14. Hi ive been binge watching your videos. Would you be able to recommend a few good moisturizers and also a review on the popular Belief brand.

  15. Hi Dr V, I live in Australia and can't get to your clinic. I really need help with dark circles could you please do an updated video on products/treatment. Im currently using the Keihl's 'Powerful-Strength Line-reducing & dark circle-diminishing Vitamin C Eye Serum. I haven't seen any changes even with a 5:2 veg/fruit diet, lots of sleep and hydration. Any recommendations would be amazing!!! xxxx

  16. Kiehls not as expensive as many high. end brands, And u get many free samples , key is mot to over use to many products alll at once]0

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