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@James Welsh Why You Should 100% Use A Toner:

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  1. Dara Paquette

    Omg, I love this vid. I've been binge-watching your channel ever since I discovered my skin was suffering from was a compromised moisture barrier. I actually typed "Is toner necessary" into the youtube search haha! Thanks so much for breaking it down. I feel inspired to ditch my toner! <3

  2. Nicole

    Hi someone help is paulas choice exfoliating liquid a toner??? Cause on the website it says its an exfoliate but hes saying its a toner- help does that mean ill still have to buy a toner😩

  3. Nicole

    Can someone help me im getting frustrated cause that pauls choice says its specifically an Exfoliant NOT a toner on the website even on the diagram thing it highlights exfoliant and not toner but hyram says its a toner so wtf going awn

  4. Donicia Soliz

    I’m glad I came across this! I’ve been using skincare since I was 12 and had severe acne. I always thought you HAD to have a toner 🙄 I don’t put it on my face religiously because I don’t really like the feeling of it. I typically use it to remover the Mario Bradesco Silver Powder but other than that, NOPE. Glad to know I’m not missing anything by not using it regularly. Thanks Hyram

  5. Shaye Haney

    I’ve been subscribed for a while watching videos here and there but now I’ve been binge watching everything because I’m currently trying to rebuild my skincare routine and apparently I need to order Cervae & The Ordinary products from Ulta!

    Because of your videos I have learned that physical facial scrubs are no good & that chemical exfoliants are better when I thought they were bad! I actually just learned today that Clean & Clear is no good and that’s what I was using to exfoliate not to mentioned your not suppose to exfoliate everyday ahh!!

    I’m just learning so much & I can’t wait to order my new products soon!

  6. Simply Kennedy

    Honestly, the only reason I used toner such as witch hazel, was because it made my skin feel cleaner… but it didn’t really do anything for my skin

  7. Cute blinkue 365

    So i no need toner for my sheet mask? Neither do i need a cleanser right?. Can i replace them with a monstrizer right? The whole point is just to hydrate our skin so…… Its ok using monstrizer. Its my first time using sheet. Masks help!!!

  8. Danielle Cuellar

    I am so confused I have seen videos were you mention the Paulas choice is a serum, toner and exfoliator?? Is it all 3 I am so confused

  9. Li R

    Why did you used the neutrogena toner in your image post if you are not gonna talk about it? I clicked on this video expecting you to mention it at least. CLICKBAIT smh

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