Hi everyone! I hope that you enjoyed this review, I sure enjoyed to make it for yaaa
I forgot to mention it in the video but I obviously bought this foundation with my own money.

Please don´t forget to leave some suggestions on reviews/videos that you guys want me to do! Love you!

Hair Extentions:

I am wearing the BOO-GATTI 340g 22` in the color “Vibrant Red”
(custom dyed)

Full video all about my hair and my hair color:

Hair dye: Garnier Ultra Color in the color “Vibrant Red”


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  1. Annaliese Nicole

    This is late


    The smashbox primer DOESNT go with the foundation as the foundation is water based and smashbox primer is typically silicone based so the two products fight against each other

  2. Moon over Bourbon street

    Hello 🙂 I got the same Estee Lauder shade, 3n1, the foundation is great but after 7-8 hours the shade gets a lil bit darker….i dunno if it happens with you guys…or its just me 🙁

  3. shazia thanvi

    It's a good color and I think its my color but I'm stuck with desert beige which is too light for me so I have to fix the color with the help of my classic compct powder or bronzers

  4. Melodie Chartier

    you keep saying that the fondation is really expensive, don't find this fondation more expensive then any other fondation you would find at sephora, actually it's a bit cheaper.
    Yes it a bit pricier then drugstore fondations but it's not drugstore quality!!!
    On the other hand, your primer is more expensive than your fondation…

  5. Brittany Brown

    I also have one eye that waters! Always on important days/special occasions of course. Lol. Thought I was the only one! I wear the Double Wear and it stays! I took a really hot shower once for like 10-15 mins and when I got out it was literally perfect. You can apply it lighter with a beauty blender for a sheer finish or a brush for a fuller coverage. The Mac pumps do fit this foundation bottle too 😉

  6. Elsa Ortiz

    I have used this foundation since 2001. I have tested every other brand, like Lancome, Clarins, Guerlain, and all the current Chanel les beige, perfection lumiere velvet, the thing is Doublewear last way longer, looks better any day. I will use it as my daily foundation until they stop making it.

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