IGN gives its video review on the new shooter game Rage. Is id Software’s latest shooter any good? Find out first only on IGN.

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  1. Sunter Ryu

    I have 2 ps3 systems and 2 copies of rage, I need another person to help with the multiplayer trophies. If anyone sees this and would like to help I'd appreciate it. PSN is SunterRyu

  2. Ioganstone

    Alright, people can do post apocalyptic settings but its not like they ripped off anyth-

    "Dusty town"

    But there are plenty of ways to survive an apocaly-

    "Emerge from a vault"

    Ok so its fallout, but that's still broad in its specifics


    OkAy DudE

  3. Riley Kaehn

    O g with! Not revolutionary? It brought wonderful graphics a great weapons system great game play seamless racing integration open world and much more. The story is lacking because they focused on these things. Also u didn't mention that there r two book Abt it that go super in depth on the story

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