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  1. Matt Randon


    Some of the links included might be affiliate links! all it means it that id be earning a commission off your purchase BUT you wont have to pay more ma'am. So if you wanna support me and help me make more vids then id love for you to use these links!!❤️

  2. Romana Ficeriová

    I love the way you talk so so much!! Feels like it would be interesting to listen to your talk even if you would talk about something boring❤️

  3. Cheryl

    I actually loved the texture and it didn't break me out as well. I have combination skin (no problems with acne) but it's hard to get my skin moisturised enough but not to the point that will cause me pimples. I used this as a moisturiser after my cosrx aha/bha products and find that it is still dry. I'm going to buy another moisturiser now that you have reconfirmed my thoughts that this laneige sleeping mask is not moisturising enough alone.

  4. kamini sharma

    Wow,,, the first thing that I must say,,, your face ,,wow it's glowing. Now regarding the Laneige , I was little confuse but now after watching your video, I will definitely buy this,,, this is the real kind review of the product
    Thank you

  5. Kyra sharma

    I neither have oily skin nor dry, I'm more like slightly oily but not too much….and I have acne and I'm 18. I was really really confused if I should try this but afte seeing this I really feel confident to use this
    Hey I love you babes💜💜

  6. No Name Girl

    i mean… with the term "mask" alone it is kinda self explanatory that it'll be the last skin care step.. so the normal order should be after moisturization.. i dont get why people are confused about it

  7. Ya-an V

    Is it okay if i apply this sleeping mask after after applying vitamin c serum or vitamin c gel ?? Please let me know. My skin is dead rn. Don’t know what to do literally worried😰

  8. priyank thakur

    Hey matt, much love to you man from India , for the work you're doing, but if I may request you to do some reviews over the products available in India for guys, hope you help us brother, all here are mostly sell out and never helps a bit, so please, thanks a ton man🙏🏻♥️❤️😇

  9. Maria Am

    Loved your review. i was running here and there but cominghere… ends my search. could u pls tell me is it good for me bcz i live in a country where there are dry summers and tropical weather of three months of humidity as well. i have normal dry skin but it turns to combo oily t zone skin during monsoon. so woudl u recommend me this nowadays?

  10. Tracy Lee

    What are you using to get such smooth skin texture? I hope the algorithm finds your channel. I found you because I specifically searched cica sleeping masks. You deserve way more subs.

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