Is this witch hazel shundara approved?? I TRIED THAYERS Witch Hazel Rose Petal Toner! Witch Hazel Toner Review FOR ACNE?

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  1. Phalisity Germain

    I haaaate the drying process of this toner, very sticky feeling. What toners are your favorites? We need a toner update 💁🏽‍♀️

  2. Jaclyn H

    Lord Have Mercy, Love this Video! Love you are sharing this. Your skin is so beautiful. Non-Toxic… Yes have you seen STINK on Netflix? It is about fragrances, it is outstanding and very revealing. Because you are into healthy products I think you may find this doc fascinating. <3 Awesome Video!

  3. Corseted Pirate

    If your issue with it is that water is the first ingredient that is how many extracts are made. A thing is boiled in water until it falls apart, then that water is filtered so there are no chunks of whatever it is. The water is infused with the properties of the thing that was boiled in it. That's why water is the first ingredient in many natural products.

    If the item has an alcohol or oil base, first it's dehydrated to remove the water then it is soaked in the alcohol or oil. This process takes longer, great can speed it up but not as fast as a water base.

  4. Yesenia Zambrano

    my mom saw something that uses that hazel thing and this other soap for my face that works for objects around the house and i hate t

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