[Video đánh giá] How to write a Master’s Thesis – Academic writing tips and advice for writing a dissertation

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Let me walk you through my process of writing a dissertation. I’m showing you how I wrote my Master’s thesis and I’m giving you academic writing tips and advice that helped me write my BA dissertation and my MA thesis. If you’re wondering – I hold a degree in English Language and Linguistics, and my BA dissertation was on the subjunctive in French and in English, and my MA thesis explored the intricacies of subject-verb agreement with coordinated subjects in Slavic languages (that’s a mouthful).

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44 Replies to “[Video đánh giá] How to write a Master’s Thesis – Academic writing tips and advice for writing a dissertation”

  1. Thank you so much for this video! Really needed it.
    I am just about to start with my thesis and I decided on watching your video first before I started.
    thanks again 🙏

  2. That is a very rigid way of doing things, also dependend on the number of sources you use. Usually I maintain several drafts op my 'master file' which starts out as collection of notes, summary and beginnings of a structure slowly evolves into a final paper, though one file I do keep seperate is another one I keep all my summaries of read articles.

  3. Should I write Business plan thesis or research Thesis?I want to do business plan but my supervisor prefers research. Thank you 💕

  4. I'm on the first year of master's studies now and I've already started writing my MA thesis. I'm finishing the first chapter 😀 I'm studying English philology and my thesis is in audiovisual translation of British slang based on the netflix series into Polish 😉

  5. thank you for this video! I realized I was trying to do everything at the same time (read, notes, write) and felt a bit overwhelmed. I'll start making a weekly schedule, thanks for the tip!

  6. The tips are priceless! Thank you! I am freaked out about dissertation. I have to hand the literature review until 27th of November while working on other assignments. I just found my question yesterday. I am taking a conversion master which is intense. Any tips for writing a literature review in 2 weeks?

  7. Seriously, thank you so much for these tips! I feel way less lost now after watching your vid 😀 My deadline for my Master's thesis is in 6 weeks and I'm still at the panicking stage and done absolutely nothing so it was really helpful! Btw, I agree with you completely about how important detailed notes are, I'm in this mess now because I didn't have a system for it from the start and now I'm redoing the reading, so yeah

  8. Thanks for the advice. My dissertation for architecture will be in approximately 2 1/2 years. Starting now. I’ll be back in 2022 with updates. Cheers

  9. Hi Laura, I just started my master's degree this year. I'm taking English education. Do you think you have a topic for my thesis? So that I can prepare from now.. Thanks beforehand. Your video is very useful..

  10. Wow, awesome content there…subscribed right away after watching this informative piece. I've not experienced this even in my English for academic purposes while in college here in Kenya.

  11. How far into a master's degree program do you need to be before submitting your thesis?

    I'm 10 classes away from completing my bachelor's but, I already have a pretty solid idea regarding the topic I want to write about for my master's degree. I want to start working on it now, but basically as a very rough draft.

    I feel very passionate about the topic and hope that by publishing my work once is it complete, it might actually make a difference for the field that I am pursuing.

    I would hate to have my overzealous actions result in the need to write another thesis because my first work was completed too early. At the same time, I feel so passionate about the subject that I spend the majority of my free time watching videos, reading research papers, observing related data on Arc-GIS, making random PowerPoints with possible solutions to the problem, and boring my friends to death with excessive technological talk related to the subject.

    I want to be able to get the information out of my brain and into the world before it drives me crazy.

  12. What better tool than = Who What Where When Which Why How. To listen read Write Speak think Learn(by heart) Inwardly Digest Anything…

  13. This video is very helpful. I am in the middle of writing my research proposal and I am very stressed because I tried to do everything at the same time. now I know, I have to work on it by chapters, and separate reading, taking notes and writing. I almost give up. But, as you said I will still get my degree. So I will keep fighting, thanks.

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