Looking to enhance your glow? We have a skincare secret for you! Our Glow Formula Skin Hydrator hydrates skin to smooth and soften while imparting a soft, subtle facial glow. Infused with Pomegranate Extract, this formula provides antioxidant protection and boosts radiance over time for a lasting glow.

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How to Apply:
– Wear glow formula alone for effortlessly glowing skin by applying a thin layer of Glow Formula on clean skin for an instant radiance boost
– Apply Glow Formula after your favorite moisturizer for replenished hydration
– Wear under foundation for a luminous finish
– Use illuminating moisturizer to brighten and highlight cheeks and nose
• Can be used in the morning for subtly glowing skin

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  1. 90banal

    I wouldn't trust this company – I got a strong allergic reaction to one of their cremes although their sales representative told me that it is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. I've been taking antihistamines for days now and my face it's still red. When I finally managed to dig out their ingredients list from the webiste, I saw there are several potential allergens in the creams. Khiel's should be more responsible and transparent to the consumers and disclose full ingredients list on their packaging as every other brand does. They also don't let me post the product review on their website.

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