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  1. Happy Bedtime Gaming

    Awesome advice! I've trying to figure out the logistics around doing reviews. 4 days seems reasonable timeframe! 🙂 Do you have monthly targets to do a number of reviews?

  2. Rebollion Station

    I personally found that there is not much point trying to create yet another review channel as so many already exists and do a lot better job that I could. So I grabbed a different perspective on the concept. Trouble is now how to lead the audience to find a channel they never knew it existed…

  3. kpa1832

    I just want to test video games for a living as a job.? I don't know if I can trust any website that claims they can help you get a job as a video game tester.?

  4. Mr Me

    I want to congratulate you for your time in making a video like this. I know it's old, but I'm happy that I saw it; I used it as a layout to write my Video game review for my admission into a computer game design program at a university ill be attending this year. Thanks again, Alanah, for helping me get in.

  5. Muhammad Daniyal Malik

    Everyone keeps bringing up the hair color thing, don't they know that exhaustion can force a Super Saiyan back to base form?

    Seriously though, informative stuff, keep it coming.

  6. The Lore Explorer

    was looking for a bit of advice on this topic. Very pleased i found someone who i enjoy who wanted to pass on their knowledge! Thank you Alanah!

  7. Joffie

    watching old vids, well.. suggested vids up next, from watching one of you latest vids.. Your hair changes lengths multiple times, Impressive! think i like it Silver as it is currently.. love ya work! Fellow Aussie!

  8. Trula Cula

    Thanks for the detailed info and optimism. I definitely wanna work for some part of the video gaming industry as a side gig in the future. I'm definitely open-minded to being patient with it. I hear it can be a competitive, but rewarding business.

  9. James Vasa

    so… you said reality is you will right unpaid for first 6months to a year of more…. where did you post your unpaid reviews? just on a blog or social media or something?

  10. Ka Wrss

    Also.lets be honest. Shes also hot to. Prolly a requirment when game reviewing games. Sexy looking and voiced woman are better then guys when trying to sell something to men.

  11. realramas

    But when you love something i think after starting to work, that love would fade, becouse you cant relax and play game normaly, must rush to finish review and so on. Imagine if everytime you having sex with someone if you always need to think about prons and cons, deadlines and other things, it would be less enjoyable 🙂

  12. CroftRedfield

    Good video to let us know how to get it done, I'll will be doing reviews on my YouTube channel next year 2018 and hope that I can get it right. thx @Alanah Pearce good video, even tho i'm late.

  13. Smokedship

    This is an amazing and truly informative video. Specially to me as we're starting off as a tiny Gaming channel on YouTube…
    Good on you @AlanahPearce to put this up.

  14. Peter Lopez

    Thanks for making this vid! I appreciate it. How does one obtain an IGN review style guide? I freelanced for IGN in the past but it was on Wikis. Just thought I’d ask so I can become familiar with IGN reviews before I pitch reviews to Dan. Thank you so much for your time!

  15. LudiXP

    Do you edit the video for the review aswell or is that someone elses job? I'm just curious as to how that part of the review process is done – thanks =)

  16. mohamad raieyan

    this video made me show your professional side..u definitely deserve to be IGN👍…but they can be little bit kinda a dicc sometimes without u of course..

  17. zoob m

    something people don't realize is that media criticism is subjective, but also important. people can't wrap their head around how both those things can be true.

  18. eduardo marcucci

    thanks for this, I really want to get into gaming review but just as a hobby, the only problem is that I live in venezuela and is almost impossible to play the new games when they come because either their to expensive or sometimes you won't even find it so it's a little hard to review a game that it's a year old. I'm just starting to play the witcher 3 because it was so expensive when it came out in my country. either way, thanks for the video I'll make sure to use your tips

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