Hey everyone! I used Hiruscar consecutively for 24 days, both day and night. These are my results. Let me know what you think. Do you see a difference? Have you tried Hiruscar? If you have any questions let me know. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching 🙂

Product Mentioned:

Medinova Hiruscar Gel 25 g.


  1. Tarie Khosa

    Hey quick question! When you were using hiruscar and adapalene, were you literally putting each on top of the other or were you using them at separate times? Basically can I use hiruscar while using products that have active ingredients such as adapalene and benzoyl peroxide? Thanks !

  2. Pandy The Panda

    I have acne scars and acne all over my cheeks. Will this take a long time to have effect on the scars? Will i actually recover from acne scars/acne??

  3. Nermin yu

    Last year, I had huge burning scar on my arm while living in Malaysia, and the Dr prescribed me this Hiruscar gel for scars (blue and yellow package) the same one in this video.. and in 2 weeks I get rid of it completely.. If you want to heal the inflamated acnes kindly use the other Hiruscar gel (blue and white or green and white packages) it is will be more effective in your case darling, god bless <3

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