[Video đánh giá] How I use Notion! *as a student* | studycollab: Alicia

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel!

This video is all about my new favourite app – notion. I have figured out a new way to organise all of my course content and revision whilst incorporating the principles of active recall and spaced repetition to enhance my workflow. I share with you this method in the video, however if you would like to download the template for yourself, follow this link!

Notion is FREE for students as well (so good right!), just use your education email ‘.edu’ and it should work.

Let me know if you would like to see more notion videos in the comments, along with any other suggestions 🙂

– Alicia xo


1:05 Creating your workspace
1:48 Organising my course content
2:29 Creating active recall questions
5:15 Creating a revision schedule
5:38 Spaced repetition
8:50 Creating a revision tracker
9:19 Sync to your other devices

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  1. How do you do this if you have 6 courses? I would love to do this active recall but with assignments and 6 courses and daily lectures I would be doing nothing except studying

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