Godfall reviewed by Tom Marks on PC, also available on PlayStation 5.

Godfall can be a fun and lovely gear-based action game for a time, but the repetition of its missions wears thin before long.

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  1. Jay D Eli

    And how come game developers just can't seem to understand… we don't want repetitive … look at avengers .. most repetitive game iv ever played besides anthem

  2. Method

    but the game is 60 euros… guys are you kidding me ??? some people can eat al month for 60 euro… this is just a game… Game Industry become joke !!

  3. JohnnyCabrera26

    I'm really enjoying this game. After you level up, you start feeling unstoppable (except for some bosses that can be tough). I don't know why this game gets so much hate. The story is not the best, but the gameplay mechanics, and the RPG elements make up for it.

  4. Indy

    Everyone hating on this game but is actually play this every day its so dope man… yes there isnt to much content and its repeating, but it just alot of fun to play. Y’all shouldnt just believe everything that is said on youtube reviews cauze 90% of u are hating but actually didnt play the game

  5. Jon Revere

    Godfall is amazing!yes listen to the bad reviews(that's just their opinion),I just bought it on sale,I would have bought it sooner but the bad reviews got me…9.5/10 straight up!

  6. Mario Luigi

    All the negative reviews on this game are from people who don't have a PS5 yet😂🤣😂..I have one and this games is great!! Jealous douchebags!!🤣😂🤣

  7. Webster Beats

    This game is so forgettable that I was gonna watch it's review with the consoles launch but I completely forgot… and here I'm 2 months later lol

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