A dark comedy about a group of couples who’s game night turns a bit too real. Here’s my review for GAME NIGHT!

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  1. SonOfTheShogun 11

    If Jesse Plemons wasn't in the movie, the movie would have been exactly what everybody thought it was going to be prior to it's release.

  2. Thomas O'Callaghan

    So many movies try and
    fail miserably referencing other movies, but when it's done right, as it is here, it's a grand slam. Jesse and Kirsten D. married with children in real life.

  3. Fabrobin

    Just saw this recommended and clicked thinking it was gonna be a generic cash grab but god damn its funny and they didn't waste any characters…not even Gary the cop

  4. Rea Sunshine

    Because… Lockdown

    My favorite part was when Rachel Adams character was fighting a bad guy who ended up going through the engine propeller thingy on the plane. She was like "yes! But, oh no" or something like that lol. Happy she won but trying not to celebrate bc he died brutally.

  5. Samuel Brown

    Some of the movie was a bit unrealistic of how it could’ve worked out, but u have to be extremely nit picky. The movie is completely hilarious, it’s a super original story, and the twists are just awesome. And the idiot was amazing. I loved it so much, and how hilariously creepy the cop was

  6. 2bsure

    I looked up best movies of 2018 a few weeks ago and this came up, saw the trailer and was hooked. I was crying with laughter and some out loud laughter too. The dog blood scene had me falling down laughing the most😂😂😂

  7. LaPataBelluda

    This movie is garbage the worst shit I ever seen in my life I seen bad movies but this is takes the first places on every garbage movie this like the king of the shit movies god I’m glad I didn’t pay to watch it was on hbo

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