Hi beauties! Here’s my first impression review on the Double Wear foundation! I’ve been absolutely loving it so far.

Product: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place Makeup
Price: $44 CAD
Shade: 1N2
Available at: Sephora, The Bay, Department stores

Update: Okay so um… I am fricken LOVING this foundation. It’s extremely long wearing. After 8 hours of wear it STILL looked amazing. It controls my oils so well. I literally don’t appear to be as oily when I wear this foundation even after a long day of wearing it. It also doesn’t bunch up or settle into any fine lines or small areas or anything like that. It really does maintain it’s flawlessness. It also doesn’t transfer very much at all. In love!

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  1. Mary Chua

    I can’t stop talking about this Estée Lauder foundation…the matte, soft finish & longevity of it is perfect for most skin types. I have sensitive, oily/combo skin; this high end product is worth the $43 price point😍✌🏼

  2. Ashley Swanson

    Are you more warm or cool? I have tried neutral shades in this and it’s almost a little too pink. But the warms seem a little too yellow 🙄

  3. Nicole Dressel

    In loreal pro matte I'm classic ivory, but it's slightly too pink for me… I'm at a loss as to what shade I would be then. Please help

  4. Sarah Blades

    by the end of the night I tried using my usual makeup wipes and this foundation was not coming off. lol. for me this is a good thing I have kids who are always grabbing at my face and stuff. I love this foundation its beautiful and lasts forever!!

  5. Miss Sanny

    I wanted to get this foundation, but I can only order online. I don't know what my shade is since there is so much shades. Im a red head so im light with pink undertones. I really want to try this foundation though!

  6. Farida Yusif

    I loved Amy this way. She's soo beautiful naturally. And all that self-tanning and heavy makeup she does ain't make her look beautiful. Just an opinion.

  7. Lisa Feldmann

    Love the color you chose for this foundation! If I may say so, it is the closest to your natural skin tone that I have seen vs. other foundation videos. Been loving your reviews as it is hard to find someone who does in depth reviews that I enjoy watching. Subbed!

  8. Grace Nicholson

    i bought this foundation but in Light and when i put it on it tends to dry quickly and i cant blend it in any more which results in uneven skin tone and it looks cakey. what do you recommend i do? more moisturiser? or work in sections? i use a foundation brush but also have a beauty blender. any tips? thank you and loved your review! 💜

  9. Sheila Yang

    Hey Amy! I have big pores and the current foundation i'm using sinks into my pores and makes them visible. Will this foundation sink into my pores and is it good for big pores?

  10. lelechim

    You and I use the same color. I use W2 Light Ivory in the L'Oréal True Match, but the Estée Lauder colors in the Warm range are much more yellow than L'Oréal's!

  11. Cristina Risso

    Finally bought this foundation after , literally , years. Well, excellent cover but transfer free?? ahhah, lol… not at all …. try blowing your nose with a tissue and then have a laugh. Also, it sets into each and every pore and around each and every pimple after a few hours. Shame. Be aware…

  12. 1259Janet

    Hi Amy, I just watched your Giorgio Armani and after watching this one, I can't decide which one to buy. I have oily skin and large pores. I dont have acne scars. My wedding is in 2 weeks and that is why I am looking for a long lasting natural looking foundation. Which one would you recommend better? The Giorgio Armani or Estee Lauder? I hope to hear from you soon; I understand your schedule is hectic. love ya so much, I subrscribed! 😡

  13. Everything’s Perfect Again

    There's new shades now! Be the first YouTube'r to speak on it! Looks like a couple middle shades and many more deep deep shades. I went to EL counter today and the girl didn't even know about it. Seems they may only be available online right now.

  14. Narrs Tilbury XOXO

    I'm another who's ready to give this a go after your review and update… I have oily skin and I'm confident it'll last the day test!!! Thanks so much 🙂

  15. themodifiedbarbie

    What powder did you use over this? I ordered a 1n1 because I'm normally nc15 in Mac but it was lighter than I expected and I'm going to try this color instead

  16. Elizabeth Kaplan

    Do you still wear/love this foundation? Do you know if they have changed the formula? Thanks for the review! Love all your videos! XO

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