I may have found one of my favourite cushions…
It’s too early to tell I know! But I shall be leaving updates below. 🙂

Today I’ll be doing a first impressions and review on the LANEIGE NEO GLOW CUSHION in 23N Sand.
I’m a bit late, but I still really wanted to try it out! 🙂

I have combo skin (more dry these days).

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U P D A T E S:
– Glow: 2.5/5 (fresh, healthy glow, natural)
– Finish: semi-matte ish little sticky in the beginning. keeps skin well balanced (hydration feel)
– Coverage: Medium. Feels so lightweight as well. Definitely not super high coverage.
– Longevity: does pretty well, but during 6-9 hour mark, my skin does look shinier. Doesn’t look messy though if this makes sense! However, with touch up layer, it still looks good- doesn’t go on cakey! I carry around a lightweight powder throughout the day.
– tip to apply: I apply in small amounts/dabs all around my face. I feel like it applies so much nicer this way!

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  1. Khanh Nguyen

    I loved your review so I want to give it a try. However, I clicked on the ystyle link that you linked above; it seems like they don't sell the LANEIGE NEO GLOW CUSHION though. 🙁 any idea where I can get it, I lived in the US. Thanks

  2. Irena L

    I love watching your reviews! Compared to the moonshot glassyfit cushion and this cushion which one is better in your opinion? ( I also live in Australia and have combo skin) Ty <3

  3. Phương Linh Đoàn

    Hello sweetheart, i’m your new subscriber ^^ Do you think this neo cushion is better than the clio kill cover glow? Please leave me your thoughts about these two. Thank you have a great day

  4. cocopabl0

    Hello Heylin! I’m a brand new subscriber and I LOVE all of your reviews. I was wondering if you could do an Ultimate Winter/Fall Cushion Favorites video for 2020?

    It looks like there are a lot of new moisturizing cushions that have come out, so I would love to see if you found any new faves or still keep your old faves? Thank you! 💖

  5. jungwheein's eyelash

    Hey loved the review! I use to use the Laneige bb whitening cushion and my shade was discontinued a while back:(
    Do you know if the neo glow cushion is like the same thing?

  6. Sya

    I already buy one of neo cushion the green colour, but that cushion can't cover my pigmentation at all😢, disappointed… N I buy again luxe Foundation very high quality and excellent just take little bit but can cover all my pigmentation, I love so much!

  7. anne

    have watched your past videos and really liked yr review! since youve done so many cushion reviews, why not do a top 5 fav cushions 😀

  8. ks96119

    so refreshing to see someone review this cushion and not the matte one!! feel like everyone hypes up the matte one but no one ever talks about this one…

  9. Selkie

    I know it's kind of expensive, so no pressure, but I would hear to love your thoughts on the em cosmetics daydream cushion! I feel like your perspective as someone that has tried a lot of korea cushions will be really cool to hear because you can compare it and talk more about whether it's truly worth it compared to the other korean cushions. 🥺❤️

    Anyway, just want to say that I really love your video as usual, and I also love those flowers as a backdrop

  10. Ayesha A

    Been watching all of your videos!! Super loveeeeeeee!! If u could review Abib Hydration Cushion it wud be super awesome!!! Im your biggest fan! Stay safe and healthy! ❤

  11. joannewang86

    I really want to try the Matte version, but unfortunately the retailer I bought from sent me the Glow one instead (and I do NOT like glowy/dewey foundations) 🙁 Too bad YesStyle lost their license to sell Laneige to the U.S. otherwise I would have ordered from them. Matte version will have to wait until the new year I think.

  12. J E

    The neo matte cushion is one of my favorites, I definitely recommend. It's not super matte, and gives a really nice and natural finish

  13. KK T

    The finish sounds so gooddd I'm so intrigued but the shade seems like it has more of a pink undertone? I wish it's not that pink because I think I look ashy with pink undertone cushions 🙁

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