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  1. jason11279

    Sadly I was about to buy this online and decided at the last minute to make sure it was a good idea. Sounds like maybe it isn't, and sure enough after watching this I've decided to not buy it. Judging from what this guy said, it might be fun just to sift through all the materials, but not actually play it.

  2. Mike Tyson

    Me and three others in Discord played this game together through Tabletop Simulator and we absolutely smashed it out for laughs. We had a great time playing this board game. While it can be frustrating at times, we had more fun poking at each other because they just got closer to a Deathclaw and now they're about to get munched on the next turn alongside a death bot.

  3. King Ybarra

    This is the only game review I have seen where there reviewer absolutely and consistently shits on the game they are reviewing the entire video. lol

  4. LA F

    Bought this and wish I'd seen this beforehand. The game took.a long time to finish with 3 players because of the random encounters, we ended up spending most time trying not to die.

  5. The_Cosmo

    Played this a long while back and we actually manage to win, stupidly. The win conditions are tied to those victory cards for 'factions', so you can only really win with a faction, but the secret cards sometimes stack stupidly or make you switch sides. Long story short, twice someone just flat out went 'uhh, i won' someone else won with him, and then some dude which was 'in the lead' doing quests and stuff ended up now losing. Also, regarding quests, you can be in a corner, doing a little questline for a few good turns, and it gives you NO influence cards, which are the primary resource to win the game. So you're having fun, uselessly.

    No idea why this is competitive, the entire faction/traitor/whatever mechanic should have just been fucking scrapped. We, like most people, started to figure out house rules to make it work, but it was putting lipstick on a donkey. We would have needed to rewrite a lot of the game rules to make it barely pallatable.

  6. Tyro Kitsune

    The New California expansion saves this game making it actually neat instead. Why? Co-op. You are now an adventuring party can can now wonder around the board to work together instead. Its so, so, so much better!

    Still flawed but at least you don't have to steal stories from people.

  7. alameachan

    Unfortunately both the Fallout RPG and the Fallout Tabletop suffer from the same problems pointed out in this video. Ambitious and with a stunningly beautiful presentation, but they all lack in both mechanic and heart. Fallout Shelter at least is somewhat decent – but all of them would've gained so so much if just they'd been intended to be cooperative. 🙁

  8. Anders Julton

    Will you consider "redoing" this review with the new Atomic Bonds expansion? I enjoyed this game, and Atomic Bonds made it even way more enjoyable.

  9. Bard88

    The DOOM board game he mentions at the epilogue is quite good, bordering on amazing. It's Imperial Assault's gameplay with all the fluff stripped out. The minis are incredible.

  10. Theo Feels

    This game never brought any pleasure to the table. It was too much with zero rewards.
    A big failure. Even with making our own rules, it was too much work to play.
    Instead of making a fun board game they sticked to the video game too much, turning this board game into… a video game on a board? Which never works…

  11. RaptorJeezy

    This was the video that first introduced me to SU&SD. I watched it on a whim and then was slowly sucked into the wonderful backlog of videos they had. And becoming a fan of theirs led me to being a fan of board games in a way I wasn't before.

  12. Brandan Wilson, KFP Tunnel Enderman

    I had this, played it solo, got the expansion, played it solo some more, and got rid of it last year. All I want is a good adventure game, one that doesn't require any extra tech and people at the store where I play would be willing to play; I have Outer Rim but my copy hasn't once hit the table outside of my solo plays.

  13. Stefan S

    I had mixed feelings about the game as well. It's so undeniably Fallout with everything that expected to be there (getting loot, leveling up, quests, a good over all fallout paint job), but it just doesn't come together all that well (like getting influence cards that work against each other).

  14. partypao

    I've forgiven SU&SD for the ghastly review of Wingspan. But I will still only watch Matt's & Tom's videos. Particularly because I am also a massive fan of Fallout 2, just like Matt.

  15. Alex Froelke

    I've tried to replicate the feel of the first Fallouts with this and felt the same disconnect. You have to check out Fallen Lands – A Post Apocalyptic Game which nails the witty dark humor and exploration of Fallout 2. Superb story every playthrough thanks to some descriptive quests and missions.

  16. Dale Roller

    I picked up a new copy today at the charity shop for $20. I played it once before and was bored and didn't understand. I want to try my new copy solo. I have never played a Fallout videogame before.

  17. Haddedam

    I just love this channel, its humor that is original and comes from the heart and this is the most respectful and adult way ive ever heard any original fallout fan express their opinion on the new ones.

  18. Mike The Brummie

    Dose anyone have any stand out recommendations for someone looking for their first board game (scifi shooter adventure would be awesome) I really want to get into the hobby I love the idea of role playing a character and having a two/three player game night now and then.

  19. MasterFeiFongWong

    Compile a list of everything about it that needs to be in it to fix it's shortcomings and make it a blast to play with any number of people and then either submit the list to makers of board game or create your own Fallout Board game and get it published or what ever it is that people do to get that sort of thing out to the masses. I'm sure many a board gamer would love it. 😀

  20. Ozzymandias

    I found this game much more entertaining than Fallout 4. But you are right. All you said about quests and it being competitive just straight up suck. No wonder that the NCR expansion is co-op and it is the best experience that it has to offer.

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