As someone that has seen all of the anime, I’d say it’s about time we got a full-length Fairy Tail game. Let’s see if it’s any good in my FAIRY TAIL game review!

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0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Pros
3:37 – Cons
8:53 – Conclusion

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Description (From Steam):
A game based on the popular “FAIRY TAIL” is available on Steam for the first time! Play as powerful mages from different guilds, a total of 16 playable characters, various characters from guilds other than “Fairy Tail” appear, and the game includes an original episode. Familiar moves from the source material such as Unison Raid and Extreme Magic can be performed! There are also Unison Raids that are original to the game.

Written Review:

I was provided a review copy of the game in order to make this review.
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  1. buckle backwoods

    Hey, you're that guy that said Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen was better without the H scenes.. So that's an automatic thumbs down from me, not to mention you're a "freelance games journalist", doesn't that just mean you're out of a job?
    Look at that ratio of thumbs up and thumbs down. What are you doing wrong?
    Anyways, I'm gonna go watch another one of your videos and see if it's as bad as this one just to make sure. Take care.

  2. dantles1992

    what this game need was 5 to 8 months more of development, it is not intended to be played on PC what is shame in my opinion, I hope next one will be, if we get next one that is

  3. Dark Flame

    i remember going to the game store and asked the cashier when is the game gonna release and she asked my number so that she can text me when the game is released. well i didnt buy the game cuz i was expecting the game looks like naruto ninja storm 4..

  4. AngelKayla 2021

    just from this review I heard I would give it and 8/10 some of your cons I can push to the side and they don't bother me that much however, I do agree with you on them as well

    edit: I did find it interesting you said how it looks like it came from a PS3 area when there is a game for this on the PS4

  5. Fuck Nuts

    Its a good game everything but the obvious turn base system screams Naruto ultimate ninja storm doesnt need much space and I got it for free I think it being free trumps any cons

  6. Daniel Emberton

    Ngl the movement in this game is absolutely atrocious Every time I try to move the characters just stop randomly then I get attacked by an enemy

  7. summy

    I love fairy tail and i bought the game aware it would have flaws but honestly i still enjoyed it a lot and would laugh during the dialogue over the anime screen shots. I did notice they left out story scenes which did bother me but I got over it quickly. I can see how people who aren't fans of the show won't like it as much so I can only speak for myself. I did hear that they would he adding new dlc dungeons and stuff later on

  8. Scott Baker

    I'm on chapter 7 and I agree …. but one pro i have os you still get to kinda move around in Fiore wish they made the game to a similar style to that of dragon quest 11 now that's the definition of a good turn based game

  9. octapusxft

    Censorship aside…. Why is the BASE game costing not 60 but 70 and all the DLCs cost over 300 together?
    Are they insane, this game is worth a lot less than that

  10. Eddie Silva

    bought the game, and my biggest takeaway was how lazy the devs were on this. there was maybe 3-4 good looking cut scenes which seems to be what they based most of the trailers off of, everything else was MEH.
    TONS of skipped details pertaining to the story arc and it seems to try to get through as fast as possible. missions and the like are so repetitive its unbelievable they were approved to release this, for example, 99% of the missions are to go back to the same 3 areas youve been in and kill the 3-4 different trash mobs and then you can turn in quest. now that i think about it i actually hate that i played through the whole game when it couldve have been SO much better.

  11. Redstar2613

    "peek laziness when it shows a screenshot of the anime"

    I think it's great when that happens. And they didn't actually have to do that.
    Yes, the developers were pathetically lazy and should have made all the character models, at least for significant ones but I appreciate the anime screenshot.

  12. Endory

    4:55 especially for a full price triple a price tag of 59,99 xd

    edit: I really like fairy tail. but this game doesn't seem to justify the price tag. I think I will pick it up on steam wenn it's like 20 bucks, because I still want to play it.

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