My second face mask Friday in a row..I feel quite proud for getting it done…lol. This mask was hydrating and soothing. I definitely feel like it plumped out fine lines and soothed wrinkles! It caused me no irritation and it felt so nice after! I would definitely use one of these again. Although, maybe in the winter when my face is super dry!

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Hi. I’m Kathrin. Thanks for watching my video. My channel focuses on Unboxings, makeup, try-ons and reviews. I decided to start my channel because I love makeup and talking about it with other people who love it too! It’s been a real blast and I hope you enjoy my videos.

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  1. Destination Mena

    Your skin is so beautiful! This is one of my favorite masks! I know this is an older video, but just watched it and I have to say I love your nail color too!!

  2. Janice Mcgill

    I think it’s a really wet I was watching something on I don’t know if it was TV or YouTube that says that they put the extra liquid in there so that you can massage it into your face after you take the mask on so you could probably save some of that liquid if there is any left in the package and put that on the next day and use it but apparently that’s why they are so wet I found that I really liked mine as well as annoying as it was I really did find it so much more moisturizing and the ones that you use your fingers with great video honey

  3. Janice Mcgill

    I have some shit mess too and I just find them a real pain in the butt when I’m putting them on and I prefer the ones that you put on with your fingers like you say you just slather it on and then you take it off later

  4. Brittany Poe

    I have oily combo skin not sure how this would work on me. I love the Sephora brand sheet masks have you ever tried any of those? I recently tried one I forget the name but it had a fruit on the front and I'm pretty sure it broke me out it was a 5 pack so I'm going to have to try it again and see if that was the cause lol I just hate to be wasteful.

  5. Sherrie Harrington

    So excited for this series! I always want to try face masks but I'm always afraid that I'm not going to make it so I look forward to all of your reviews!

  6. Rebecca Lane

    Grandkids?? no way! you look about 30! whaaat? I think I may start facemask friday too!! oooo…maybe you can let us know at the end of each month which mask was the winner for the month? 🙂

  7. Vins & Annette Singh

    Hi greetings from Singapore
    You have a great channel
    Decided to Join your awesome channel
    Have a great weekend
    Stay connected too

  8. Michelle Phillips

    The one I got from allure wasn't rose. I was sad. I can't remember what scent it was but I remember I hated the smell lol. I did like the way the mask felt though. I might pick up a rose one to try.

  9. Rhonda Branham

    Hi Kathrin! First I want to say you have a fantastic personality and sense of humor! Plans for this weekend include fishing, stock car racing at local track and grocery shopping…..hope you have a super weekend!

  10. Ivy Daniels

    Awesome!! I went back then forward again and noticed it took some red out of your skin. Your skin looks pretty and happy now :-). My weekend? I am going to make another video – well really my first unboxing video and it's going to be boxycharm!! YAY!! Hope your weekend is excellent 🙂 Love your videos 🙂

  11. Andiee R Garcia

    I am going to try and get my crafting on and sew some fun stuff up! Definetly do a sheet mask and some self pampering! I need to find that mask.. I love rose!

  12. Lynette La Roche-Cervantes

    I Love Face Masks! Especially the hydrating ones for my dry skin. I will have to give this one a try😊Plans for the weekend=My son is Graduating High School on Saturday!😀

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