[Video đánh giá] Estée Lauder x Violette | Poppy Sauvage Collection Review

YouTube’s chicest makeup artist, Violette, has just launched her first collection as Global Beauty Director of Estée Lauder. Poppy Sauvage is an ode to the French countryside where Violette spent her summers, and she has explored that fresh spring feeling through these products.

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*Eyeshadow Palette, 01 Les Nudes de Soleil:
*Deluxe Eye Crayon, 01 Terre D’Or:
*Blush Duo, Soleil Doré and Camélia:
*Soft Glow, 01 La Rosée:
*Pure Colour Envy Lipstick, 315 Vin Noir:
*Pure Colour Envy Lipstick, 215 Poésie:

Violette_FR’s channel:
*Liquid Lipstick, 305 Poppy Sauvage:

Nail polish – *Essie Really Red:

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26 Replies to “[Video đánh giá] Estée Lauder x Violette | Poppy Sauvage Collection Review”

  1. I'm done with high end brands adding flimsy, spiky and cheap brushes to their palettes. Not even my nan uses the brushes that comes with these quads. Ugh, this stopped me from a lot of purchases from these kind of brands.

  2. God it's so annoying. Please women-of-color if you HAVE tried it and its not as pigmented as you would like, THEN you may complain. It's like you just judge it with your eyes and pass judgment. Not cool.

  3. Im still using this collection. I Loooooove the eyeshadow palette. The glitter shades are so unique! Plus in true violette form they work best applied with fingers. Just started to play around with the new La dangereuse collection but decided not to try any of the eyeshadows this time round and went straight for the skin stuff and the eyeshadow pencil!

  4. I just found you via a crazy road. I love french tutorials so am hooked on Violette. Her EL collab is out so found a tutorial on that. Went to google to see if its in Oz and you popped up. Hit you. Heard the Aussie accent and LOVED this tut. Then saw you have just been to Hobart. Thats my town! The big wide Web really is small. Subed you in seconds X Joy B

  5. hi Matilda
    well i have nothing to say lol but i want you to know that you're doing great and your videos are very informing and interesting :))
    keep on with the good work!

  6. Honestly, your vids, for me, have become something like a therapy. Whenever I am upset, I come to your channel and watch your videos! I would love to see what your make up storage space looks like!!

  7. I love your videos! I have a question because I must ask, after seeing your nails in so many videos. Do you paint your own nails? And possibly some tips? I am terrible at it!

  8. Hi Matilda, I love your channel as well as Violette's. I was curious if the eye crayon was waterproof and the wear time of the eye shadows and the crayon. What are your thoughts about that?

  9. I love violette!! But I'm thinking twice about whether this collection is really worth it? Don't get me wrong, I want to actually buy them but I'm wondering if I'll get similar shades from other luxe brands…. Is there a must have in this collection?

  10. Matilda, I finally got my hands on some of the Poppy Sauvage collection (I had to order from the US site through ShopMate to Australia), such an effort but it really does look worth it. I got the eye shadow palette and the poesie lipstick. Unfortunately they were sold out of the la rosee and eye crayon. Could you recommend a good dupe for the eye crayon colour? Is one of the nyx jumbo eye pencils a good match? Thanks xx

  11. I picked up a few pieces of this collection and wish I’d got more now. That’s the shame about Limited Edition. I’m never going to get my hands on that blush duo now 🙁 Talk about life problems 🤣

  12. I bought the Poppy Sauvage liquid lipstick — it is heaven! The formula is like other (and i have tried them all). It is so comfortable and feels so natural that you'll forget you're wearing it!

  13. I love the shades of the lipsticks! I also saw the liquid one, amazing too, I've heard they are comfortable, but I can't assure that. I'm curious about the Soft glow product, does it say what's in it? I break out easy, that's why my concern. X's

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