Thanks for watching my review and demo on the new Estee Lauder Perfectionist Foundation!

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Foundation:
• 21 shades – warm, cool, neutral
• SPF 25
• My Shade: 2N1 Desert Beige
• $45 for 1 oz
• All Skin Types
• Medium
• Satin Finish
• Oil Free

Claims – Instantly Brightens and perfects. Re-ignites the look of radiance. Reduces the look of lines. Nourishes with oil-free hydration.
Recommended for all skin types, and creates a radiant finish.
Infused with Perfectionist Serum.

What I’m Wearing
Foundation: Estee Lauder Perfectionist
Powder: Hourglass Diffused Light
Blush: Mac Breath of Plum
Bronzer/Contour: Smashbox Contour Palette
Eyes: Maybelline The Nudes Palette, MUFE Aqua Eyes, L’Oreal Butterfly mascara
Lips: MUFE 3C liner, Rimmel Kate #14 lipstick
Nails: Essie Romper Room

Top: American Eagle
Necklace: F21 (old)
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Books I’m Reading:


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  1. Danit Chaney

    Crystal, I know this video is old but I just picked up this foundation today. For some reason, drugstore foundation has been too harsh for me now and looks splotchy and just not blending into my skin well. (I’m 44) I decided to look for a high
    end foundation and see if they work better. I tried this one today, it felt so good on my skin and didn’t look patchy so I picked it up. I haven’t worn it in a complete look yet, but I just wanted to ask you, is this one you wear now at all? How do you feel about it now? Mine used to be combo but mine is drier now. As you are older now, does this work better for you?

  2. Gigi Griffon

    Hi, am trying to figure out if I wear the same shade as you. Can you list what shades you wear in other foundations to give me a better sense of your shade? Thanks so much. Great review!

  3. Fanny Mae

    I got a sample of this foundation and it is TO DIE FOR on my skin. I don’t have any texture or breakouts or dry patches but I have normal to dry skin and I live for dewy foundations. This foundation still looks incredible and I applied it at 5am, and it’s now 730pm. It is just beautiful. I’m a high end foundation hoarder and vowed to not purchase any more for a while but this is totally going to be my holy grail. My current holy grail is Becca aqua luminous perfecting foundation. I love super dewy foundations. Thanks for the review

  4. BurgundyandBlue1111

    I just ordered that foundation from Sephora during the Beauty Insider sale. I am in my 40's and have combo skin that is currently leaning dry (it gets oily in the T zone as the summer progresses). I like a radiant finish (I view a full on matte face as too dull). I hope that this works well for me. I hope the scent doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Thanks for the great review.

  5. jtking2504

    I preferred Futurist as it was far more hydrating and gave me a healthy 'glow' even with powder.  Perfectionist is just too drying and my skin feels tight and dry/flaky by the end of the day. 

  6. Wanda P

    I am really loving the EL perfectionist.  I wasn't sure at first but the more I wore it the more I have grown to love it.  It gives great coverage while still looking natural.  How does this compare to the Dior Star?  Which do you prefer?  Thanks!

  7. MissCrystal

    @Rhonda Fox Jones Hi Rhonda! I'm not very familiar with Estee Lauder foundations as a whole. If you go on their website, they can help match you based on your needs, I've used it before. 🙂

  8. Women 65 and Over

    Hello…I am 62 and very dry skin w/no moist appearance.  I just purchased this foundation in Desert Beige also (but it's just a tad yellow for me).  Can u tell me which Estee foundation would give me a moist and dewy finish for my old dry skin?

  9. chris blackmon

    Thanks for the review . I just came back to see what color you switched the ivory beige for because it's just not working for me . The girl at Macy's had suggested this for me, and it sounds right but looks dark on me . Really noticed it in a picture . Ugh ! Taking it back today and going to try the desert beige .

  10. trixiegirlism

    That necklace is another one that I saw you wearing a year or so ago and ordered. Great review especially knowing it will be good for the upcoming winter season. Laurie

  11. Kelly Shinkevich

    Hi Crystal, you look so pretty and flawless! I was wondering if you can explain the difference between the cool, neutral,warm I go to the drug stores and got a true match powder but was so confused by the W,N,C with the numbers and shades😩 please help
    Happy Friday

  12. Diana J

    Beautiful finish on your face.  Thanks for the heads up on the color matching.   I have dry skin.  I think it looks great on you. I think it would be a foundation that I would like to try.  Thanks for the review and demo.  Diana 🙂 xo

  13. AmandaF116

    Thanks for your review! I haven't heard of this one yet, looks wonderful on you… But as an oily skinned person, I'm out! It's so tricky to find that balance of matte but still natural!

  14. Julia

    Thanks for this, it helped a lot! I've been contemplating this as a higher end purchase. I have dry skin, and love a radiant finish, so I think I'm going to go for it! One question, any visible shimmer?

  15. Karen Johnston

    I have been using this for about a week and a half now and LOVE it. A pump and a half does it for me and it lasts a good seven to eight hours before I notice any breakdown at all. As far as shade goes I use the same shade as the Double Wear and have been alternating using Hourglass Mineral Veil and Mally Perfect Primers. I am 56 and have normal skin that gets just a bit oily through my T zone especially when it gets hot (and I am in Austin so we still have hot days.) 

  16. Stacy Ray

    I need to get a sample of this. I have normal to sometimes dry skin so it just might work. How does this compare to the dior star? Or have you ever tried nars sheer glow? I am curious about it too especially for fall and winter. Seems like I tried the sheer glow years ago but was wrong color.

  17. Brandi Standifer

    I purchased this foundation after a sample from a magazine. While I absolutely love the  double wear, I hated this foundation. It did look nice when freshly applied but would run right off my face within an hour.

  18. msflipflopsandpearls

    Great review, I tried the dior star and I ended up not purchasing it.  I do have combo skin also but am curious about this one I may just pick up a sample.  Thank you so much for your thoughts.  I hope you have a great weekend. xoxo Carolyn

  19. Dani

    Thank's for sharing, great review, I think i'm going to get sample, since i'm not sure what my color match would be. Would you say its better than the Estee Lauder Double wear light, only more luminous?

  20. Sara Wood

    I recently finished a sample of this foundation in 2N1 as well 🙂  I was wanting a good foundation for aging skin (I'm 40) and I've tried so many samples that just didn't work.  The gal at Norstrom EL counter set me up with this. I really like it as an every day foundation and I apply with a Beauty Blender too.  It doesn't last ALL day on me but it lasts long enough for an average mom day.  I agree with what you say about the finish; I notice some shine throughout the day as well.  I believe "fragrance free" just means that there is no fragrance added, not necessarily that there is no smell.  I am super curious about Dior Star but the sample the Sephora gals gave me (as usual) was too dark, so I need to get a lighter shade.  The foundation looks really nice on you and it's great to know we are the same color so I can come to your videos for foundation color match choices, LOL 🙂

  21. Beachgirl 91

    You are so right about selecting a color.  This is a great review. From your description of it, it wouldn't work my super oily skin but sounds like it would be great for dry skin. Your skin looks great! Also, totally unrelated but I love that sweater! Super cute 🙂 xoxo Nicole

  22. Susan W

    I have had this for a few months and I am also Desert Beige and I also did not get the brush,but I have to say I love it and i always get a lot of compliments on my complexion. Great review! <3 Susan

  23. LisaLisaD1

    Hey Crystal!  I have a sample of this and it is the 3N1-so that probably is dark for you!  I also bought the brush, it is neat, but not a must have–I never bought the foundation, I got sidetracked by the Dior Star- I just had the IPL C02 Laser done of my face Tuesday–I am still so swollen, but I am hoping to get rid of most of the red on my cheeks, we'll see!  Great video, you do good reviews!  Love~Lisa

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