Hey luvs, so I’m here with a foundation review. I will be reviewing the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Foundation. Overall, I love this foundation but the undertone of this shade was definitely a fail.

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Maybelline 24 Hr Super Stay Foundation / 355 Coconut

Full coverage
Perfect consistency
Apply well to the skin
Flawless finish
Feels light on the skin

I didn’t have any cons other than the undertone, which is a big No. It was the shade 6W1, which is said to be warm/golden undertone. It definitely was not warm/golden, it was neutral. Neutral undertone on golden skin is a big No, you will end up looking grey after a few hours.

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  1. Kemi Ajayi

    Estee Lauder is a funny one; I find that the 5N2 and 6N1 (which are supposed to be neutral) are actually more golden than the 5W2 and 6W2 (which are supposed to be warm) 🤔

  2. Faith B.-L.

    Came for the makeup, and stayed because your Jamaican 💕🇯🇲
    Thank you so much, we have the same skin tone and type so I will take these tips and tricks into consideration.

  3. Sunshine

    As far as your dark spots go…Amazon. facial compressed sponges, kojie San soap, the one I use is out of stock but read reviews for the ones they have available before buying, rosehip seed oil. Thank me later. Oh and black girl sunscreen..the brand got mine from Target

  4. Am Manna Naturals

    I bought this after watching Jackie Aina and bought 6w1 sandalwood and 6w2 nutmeg. These mix well and can work but truthfully the 6w1 needs more warmth. When you mix the two, it ends up blending well because 6w1 is neutral and 6w2 is warm but a little too dark for my skin in the spring. In the summer, I will probably totally switch to 6w2 nutmeg. Little but goes a long way. Dap and blend on discolored spots. Scrub twice to clean off. Blend with a brush when putting it on

  5. Jasmine Celestin

    I think sandalwood is a bit light for you. I got matched with sandalwood and I would say you are a bit darker. Try the tool on the Estée Lauder website it will match your shade to your skin tone.♥️

  6. lakeysia s

    I agree also. I hv a golden undertone and I purchased online and ws upset that I had to send it back as it made me look horribly grey and I ws unable to work wth it the way you did. I gv up and won’t b looking fr a closer shade. It looks nice on you though.

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