Testing some Sephora Best Selling Foundations, starting with the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Wear test, review with close ups! This foundation is known as the most full coverage on the market and works really well for oily skin to cover acne! I’ll be doing a wrap up letting you know which ones are the best!

Best Drugstore Foundations:


Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (1N2)

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YesStyle (International)
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Mikeala Beauty (Canada)

YesStyle (International)
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Dynamite Clothing

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  1. Azahely Carrizales

    Omg I thought I was the only one with mixed feelings about this foundation! I have super oily skin and it only lasts 6 hrs on my skin. After that it starts to break down on my chin area bad. Idk why! So frustrating 😣

  2. SweetXtract

    You don't need to powder this foundation. It dries down and gets transfer-/waterproof. I have an oily T-zone: When I applied powder, I had the same issues you had. But without powder, this controls my oily T-zone beautifully and doesn't emphasize texture or wrinkles. If you need to blot, you will find no residue of this foundation on your blotting sheet. It's no wonder why many people love this foundation. 😊

  3. Britt Fansler

    This is one I’m wanting to try bc I want more coverage than the ones I already have, but I’m not sure how great it will do over the winter when my skin gets really dry.

  4. soula K

    I use this too when i want full coverage esp during summer.
    I have normal to dehydrated skin and find applying with fingers works best for me.
    I wore this once when it was super hot and hit 45 deg celsius and i was out all day.
    When i got home at 11pm it had hardly moved.

  5. Kary Granados

    Hi, do you feel it sticky when you apply the second layer? Because I do. And, due to that, when I apply concealer the foundation comes off and it looks horrible 😔 what can I do?

  6. Clarissa Nitihardjo

    There's another one from estee lauder I think with the squeezy tube (looks like loreal infallible). My cousin wears that one and also full coverage and I'm curious cos we have different skin types. I was hoping you do them half half like the fenty beauty one.

  7. Cláudia Gusmão

    I find that powder ruins this foundation. I have oily skin and never use powder, it is pretty longwearing without powder and that way the skin has a natural luminosity to it and the texture problem is gone. I also do a very thin layer, I use my finger to cover the "hole" of the bottle, shake the foundation and apply what stays on my finger on the skin. Great coverage but light finish 👌🏻❤️

  8. Yolanda 1984

    I started using this foundation when I was sixteen, so 19 years ago, cause my mother used it and still uses it to this day. I switched later to Mac cause it was bloody expensive. I have used Catrice, Wet and Wild and a lot of Mac but lately I came back to Double Wear. It has the most unique quality of being lightweight and high coverage. The only thing is that I took porcelain which is too light for me . I am a shade darker. So I use it as a base and on top I put Fenty which is my perfect shade. After I pan them I will buy my correct shade. It’s beautiful. Much love.

  9. Mmm Cookies

    I love this foundation for oil control, but I've never gotten full coverage from it without applying a ton and then it looks terrible and breaks me out

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