Happy Friday, Ok you guys!!! This is one to watch, I think this foundation might be my new go to. Check out this video to see if this foundation is for you!!!

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Face Products:
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in 2N1
Marc Jacobs liner in Fine Wine
Diorskin nude shimmer in 001 (couldn’t find a link, limited edition)
TARTE blush in Paaarty
Dior highligher in Glowing Pink
Kat Von D Shade and Light eye shadow palette
Benefit Kabrow in #3
Sephora baked powder in 5 & 15
NARS Soft Matte Concealer in Vanilla
Bite Beauty Lip in Leche
Hourglass Ambient Light Palette
Dior show Mascara
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting spray

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I am Elle Leary a celebrity makeup artist and male groomer!! I wanted to create this channel to share the fun and magic of makeup. Also to lift people up to follow their dreams just like I have. Dream’s really do come true!! I post new video’s every Monday and Thursday

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  1. Kelli Ashy

    I know I am a little "late" for responding to the video..lol but I am going back and getting caught up on your videos after subscribing. The foundation looks beautiful, but I must say your skin has the look of perfection. Honestly it looks flawless Elle. Thanks for the video!!

  2. Gretchen Diaz

    i know I am really late to the party on this one, but I think I am going to get this foundation. I always thought it was "too heavy" for daily wear, but it looks like a beauty blender will do the trick to sheer it out. I am 46 with dehydrated, yet oily combo skin. I live near Palm Springs, so it's very dry here as well. Sometimes I don't even like to put foundation on, but lately I have been noticing some pigmentation and texture in my skin. Ugh. I always had "perfect, porcelain skin." Times have changed. Anyway, thanks for reviewing this. I really enjoy your channel.

  3. Frankie Furt

    Also I was surprised with this foundation, I don’t find it full coverage and on my dry- normal skin I think it’s fantastic, it also feels tacky on me for some time

  4. Frankie Furt

    Just love your Chanel, so happy to finally find someone who addresses all my concerns with mature skin, foundation preferences , all your advice, tips and techniques are in point and I trust and value all your recommendations ♥️

  5. Charity Galensky

    I used to wear this a lot 18 yrs ago. Recently I tried it and it Felt so thick and sticky. I'm 45 now and my skin has changed alot,but I just don't like it no more.😓

  6. Lauren Clifton

    Hi Elle! I just found you and this channel. I’m so excited! I’m 41 with dry skin. I love watching my YouTube beauty gurus but the 20 year olds are not helping me out one bit! Lol. I subscribed and look forward to watching more videos and getting alerts. You are so beautiful!

  7. Stella's Mammacita

    Sorry this is probably a silly question but why is a brush better than a sponge for oily skin? I have oily skin and i love the sponge.

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