Here’s an updated review on the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. Even though I’ve done a review on this on before I’ve still had a lot of requests for an updated review so here it is! I also forgot to mention that this foundation has SPF. Also, it didn’t end up breaking me out! I used it again a few days after filming this video and again no new breakouts! Aaaand one last thing, the lighting.. let’s just not even go there lol.

Shade: Tawny

1:51 packaging + claims
4:32 application
6:32 full face makeup
9:32 flash photo
9:40 check in

Lip Color Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme “Sugar”

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  1. Dolceina H

    hi . i used to wear clinique makeup but they changed the color – they dont admit , you used 3w1 which may fit me , i wonder if you notince that ine those days 2020 the color has been changed since you recorecd this video. clinique and estte are the same company!

  2. Aly Stephens

    I just ordered this foundation today! super excited to try it! Ordered it from online shade finder through sephora… praying they got my colour right. any tips on applying or primers to use etc?

  3. Yhizrel Chavez

    What can you list what colors you use for drug store foundation? I have a very hard time finding my shades for the drug store foundations… help? I use Tawny for EL as well.

  4. Monica Lukacs

    I use Bobbi Brown medium coverage and Hourglass full coverage and I love them both. Clinique is excellent with their foundation products as well believe it or not. I finish with the Hourglass veil finishing powder because there is not talc in it therefore not drying at all. It literally melts into your skin. At 41 some finishing powders are way too drying.

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