Today I have a review of one of the longest standing favorites in my skincare collection for you: The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum review
There is no denying that it has reached cult status, but why actually? What makes the Advanced Night Repair serum so good that people keep repurchasing? Is this Estee Lauder product really worth the hype?
Let´s discuss!

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  1. cjc twenty

    Hello, I am 23. I work at the Estée Lauder counter in Dillards. I use this serum 2x daily along with the under eye cream at night and the day and night wear moisturizers. Although I may necessarily not need it yet; it has made such a big difference in my skin. I always recommend to all my customers and will definitely buy for my daughter in years to come when she is much older.

  2. naz

    hi i just bought this serum, i was told that it work to recover the skin so it should be good for my acne scars. God i hope that it will work it sure was expensive 😰😳

  3. sarchee

    Hi Anne, could you please do a review on the updated, new version of ANR? I used to love the old version and I am really scared to try the new one, because cosmetic companies always change the products for the worse…

  4. Bella L

    I had seen ads for this and got a free sample with some beauty purchases. I had no idea it was so good, it minimizes the “eleven” lines in between my brows so well and the skin looks so much better. I use it every night before going to bed. I apply it first and when it’s completely absorbed it I use a retinol cream. Worth every penny 👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Jan Harrison

    Thank you for reviewing this product. I have just purchased my first 100ml bottle. I’m hoping to enjoy the product as much as you do and look forward to a more youthful look 😃👍🏽💯

  6. Jerome Soriano

    Hi Doc! Been using this product for years and has been my holy grail. Just last week, I have decided to add an ampoule in my routine -1 for AM and 1 for PM. I’m planning to still use this serum day and night. Are there any active ingredients you would not recommend mixed in the same routine with this serum? -TIA! 😊

  7. Bridget Collette

    I got a little sample size .23 oz to try but I have been too scared to cause of my Rosacea. I spilled a tiny little drop and put it on my hand and nothing happened. So far so good but that was my hand. Looks better then it did. You can feel the softness of the moisturizing effect. I live in the desert and my face is so dry. I tried coconut oil and it worked good too. My Mom said it made me face glow. But taking it my mouth made my over all skin look so much healthier and not parched. It's weird.

  8. T H

    I got a bottle and it was wonderfully moisturizing. But… i never have acne and it cause my skin to break out pretty bad… 🙁 but I will continue using it and see if this will pass

  9. Manju JAIN

    Hello doc . I am confused if this is an anti ageing serum or a hyrating serum . I want to add this one into my rotuine . Also will this serum go well with BHA ? I use a BHA pads after cleansing . Can i used this serum after BHA pads . Also do one need a cream to seal the serum . I have oily skin

  10. Mandy Djorghi

    Hi dr anne, if i use tretinoin and this regularly, is it better to use on same night? If yes which goes first?
    Or better that i alternate nights and use this with my AHA and BHA and tretinoin alone with only moisturizer?
    Thanks in advance 😊

  11. RPB

    I just received this in a promotion. Should I apply it after cleansing at night and nothing else? Or can I use my other serums too? I have vitamin C and a night moisturizer. I’m 45 and trying to keep my skin soft and firm. Great video!

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