Today I am reviewing the hyped Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. Is it worth it? Does it help repair your skin barrier at night?

Estee lauder advanced night repair
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Cetaphil daily hydrating lotion
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  1. shasta star

    dear Dr. Dray, I have not seen this video as yet, but it is not worth it. If my opinion matters. Thanks a bunch for all you do, keeping us informed.

  2. MyCare Family Community Supports

    I actually love the product felt it was effective. My skin felt wonderful. However there are definitely other products at a better affordable price.

  3. Jay G

    I used this and loved it. I was only 17 years old when I used it so cannot really speak about its effectiveness but I enjoyed every time I applied it and felt the joy it brought me was worth every cent.

  4. Aylesbury Wali Baji

    I use it but never buy full price. In Christmas just buy my make up and anything i need with 20% off and then buy the blockbuster which has so much in it. When I don't use it my skin goes dry and horrible but stays glowy when using their skincare and sometimes they do a nice free gift skincare set when buying certain products

  5. Camille Kelly

    Wow omg your skin is absolutely stunning in this video it's seriously glowing ,flawless I couldn't be more jealous id give anything to have nice skinn. I struggle with knowin how to layer my products so there probably just being wasted ☺️😭

  6. Emily Evans

    I have used this product for years. I have rosacea, and I have found it works better than ANYTHING else. The price is exorbitant, but clear skin is priceless to me.

  7. Aynge Mackay

    about ten years ago i tried this serum product that had marine algae in it. i'm pretty sure it was Dr. Somebody, and it was in a Tiffany-blue tube. it claimed to reduce redness which wasn't really something i thought I had an issue with. well, eventually i tried it, and i was stunned at how well it worked. overnight my skin looked fabulous. it really did eliminate all redness. it smelled fantastic, too. i used that sucked all up. unfortunately, i can't remember the name of it. and it's probably discontinued anyway, like almost everything i love. i know for sure that it didn't cost anywhere NEAR $103, because i'd never pay that much. EVER. i won't even pay that much for a prescription.

  8. Jennifer Plank

    I wanted to know if this works because my mom has been using this everyday since she was late 20’s now she is 50 and looks 30. So idk if it was this that helped or plain old genetics💪

  9. Barbie Blue

    They keep the price to keep their prestige. Also, the gwp is a draw.

    The gwp eyeshadow, lipsticks, glosses, skin care samples entice people.

    Now I understand why the EL sample.
    eye cream always broke me out.
    Terrible. Probably the same dye.

    I use them on my hands

  10. T T

    My skin loves this serum! I wont use anything else. I used it for around a year, skin was great….stopped and used the ordinary products for a matter of months and my skin is soooo bad… back in estee lauder advanced night repair now and a few weeks in im noticing improvements!

  11. Car Law

    i have used a few bottles of this in my past and still have one on my shelf. I find it moisturising and is good to mix with foundation (Estee Lauder double wear) to make it more blendable and moisturising. Other than that… it is an overall fine serum for my combination skin that doesn’t cause breakouts. Can’t tell if it helps with wrinkles as i haven’t got much yet, fortunately.

  12. Victoria Long

    Great Review, however, Im sure you can find some of these products in other brands, yet, you cant find ALL of these products in another brand and I think Advanced as a whole is a solid remarkable serum..I used it over 25 years and it makes a world if difference. I have thought I would save money and try other quality but lower priced serums, ..but that's when you truly realize how well it was working and I went back to it..Then a 2nd time I thought it was my imagination, or a time in my life my skin was stressed so i quit using it again, and i could not believe the various great products i used did not compare and I vowed to not stop Using EL Advanced Night Repair again..20 years later, i haven't strayed and Yes, its that good. Many of the Advanced night repair line is great..but the Serum is the #1 for me.
    I dont know if its still true but at one time "The little brown bottle serum" was #1 seller in Korea.
    Appreciated your review. Thanks.

  13. heatherrs141

    I don't know what is in it either but I like it. My skin does look amazing after using this and there are always SO many going on Facebook marketplace, 50% of them unused/brand new. So haven't paid full price yet.

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