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  1. Missie Davis

    Oh my. I would never ever do micro needling. and chemical peel same day. Micro needling on acne skin spreads it even more She doesn’t even get it that micro needling is bad for her.

  2. Romina Matsoukatidi

    Probably your doctor should have made a better choice . It’s not your fault . That’s why doctors study medicine . They should understand your skin type and suggest the right therapy .

  3. lucy snow

    I get the same thing, I feel like it comes from preservatives in so many foods and products just irritating my skin…. also lack of sleep doesn't help anything

  4. Skittles31 skittles31

    I know you learned something. Not to
    waste your money on something that
    you never needed. Bc like I said you
    we’re beautiful before and still remain

  5. Laura Hastings-Brownstein

    Microneedling AND a peel at the same time??? No, no, of course you had a bad reaction. PLUS, you are not supposed to work out and you should avoid sweating until you have finished peeling. Who gave you this guidance? Very bad decision.

  6. Izabella Magyari

    No offense honey but I can see the difference in the end of the video next to the beginning of the video…it cleared your face a lot !
    Your eyes are gorgeous ❤

  7. Mariah S

    If this was done by professionals then they likely knew that they shouldn't have done the micro-needling and chemical peel within 24 hours of each other but they wanted the cash and figured you wouldn't sue. You are likely not the only person they screwed over for extra money… hopefully, they do this to someone who actually takes action against them and sues for the sake of saving other women.

    That was not an allergic reaction, it was a chemical burn. You said you told them you had sensitive skin and they just rejected your statement by saying they would just use a different peel…that is very harmful, and for them to be that money-hungry says a lot.

    Your skin is arguably the most important part of the body and can affect employment and social events. I know you said in the video that you were just trying things out but this is serious, that was a chemical burn that affects your first impressions, the ability to simply walk outside, and could have caused some other serious skin issues if you were exposed to sweat or sunlight for extended periods of time.

    I'm glad this video exists to show the dangers of just not knowing all the information and taking advice from the people trying to sell you their product.
    In my opinion, this women just got robbed due to taking the wrong advice and is genuinely trying to warn people of how not to treat the face. Although at the end of the video she says she wouldn't do the chemical peel again LMAO she shouldn't have done it so close to the micro-needling so she doesn't actually know how a proper chemical peel with professionals that aren't shady would look like or feel like. If she had a proper chemical peel then she would likely have a different review.

  8. Kelli Crisp

    I’m an NP that has been doing aesthetics for years and you should never do both a chemical peel and micro needling at the same time. I personally make patients wait a month between treatments. The key to micro needling success is to keep the inflammatory response to a minimum or it will induce scarring. How can you do that when someone slaps acid on top of your micro needling?!? Your aesthetician needs to go back to school—sounds like she doesn’t know what she is doing.

  9. Rebecca Healey

    Ive just done a at Home Green Herb Peel and have experienced a DEEP PEEL – the deepest they have seen. You clip was very helpful. Hoping at day 8 and still peeling all will be OK in the end. . Also I have another question? Or compliment. Your teeth are A-MAZING? Have you had any work done on them? And if so what did you do? They look incredible.

  10. Klarra

    I have extremely sensitive skin however I have been doing peels and needling for years.
    I would not recommend needling with a peel for first time on sensitive skin, not surprised your skin freaked out, sorry you had to go through this and I hope your skin journey has only positively progressed❤️

  11. Ate Vhie Channel

    What cleanser and moisturizer are you using? Mine is really painful even the mildest alovera gel, mildest moisturizer hurts. I dnt know what else to do. Im just washing my face with oatmeal and i cant find a moisturizer that doesnt hurt. 😔

  12. Dragana Stevanovic

    One chemical peel is not enough for you to see results plus who ever did it for you didn't know tfuck they doing. Go to someone who's well known

  13. Kathy

    I found your video while searching for results of peeling. I just vlogged a skin cancer treatment and today I am beginning to peel. I appreciate you filming and sharing these results because I too want to exfoliate sooo bad right now, but I’m going to just let it do it’s thing. I’m sorry to hear you had an allergic reaction. I’ve never had a chemical peel, but the treatment I just went through was chemotherapy cream. I’m just trying to figure out how to get through this peeling stage. I keep applying aquaphor so I hope that is the best way to deal. Also, I can relate to poor communication with medical issues…it is frustrating sometimes. You are so pretty and I enjoyed your video very much! Thank you!

  14. Lisset G

    Sorry for your experience. These videos are what makes me be caution of procedures with my sensitive skin. On another note your teeth are so beautifully white!

  15. Elaine Sanderson

    Thanks so much for sharing! I too have super sensitive and reacted to a facial. Was looking to get a chemical peel for my acne and now will definitely not!

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