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This Channel is all about my mixed ideas.

Vlogs. Lifestyle. Skin Care. Hauls. Travel. Food. Product Review. DIY. Demo. Etc.

Come and join me to the evolution of my Mixed Ideas!

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  1. Phedra Dee

    hey there i just thought i should click on ur channel becuase it looks awesome and i was right this video was amazing i dont understand why u dont have 200Million subbs !!!!!! Just keeps going with ur channel and u will go VERY far on youtube
    i subbed <3 i also have a channel and it would really mean alot if u subbed back so that we could ve friends

  2. Anne Delos Santos

    Ewan ko ha but i find it cute kpag lalaki gumagawa ng review. Im inlove with you na haha 😂😂 sub back to your channel ❤️ thanks for dropping by!! ☺️☺️☺️

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