I have been staying indoors for most of the time ever since came back from Guilin trip, then being hospitalized and immobility due to my knee problem. Just in time after my immobility period is over the government issue a Movement Control Order. Means, I have been staying indoor for almost 5 months now. I was expecting a brighter skin. To my disappointment, I developed a dull skin, dry and even new dark spot has appeared out of nowhere. Gosh! Why???? I don’t even stay out in the sun!

I just realized I was on the smartphone and computer most of the time even when at home. The radiation causes my skin to become dull and develop a new spot. Yes! my bad…I even neglected the sunscreen application since I thought to stay indoor my skin will be safe from the sun rays. Knock my head hard for this. I should have been more careful.

Recently, a popular Japanese brand Rohto by Mentholatum has launched the new Melano CC, Vitamin C Brightening Gel. I was a bit sceptical with this at first. Just another skincare with lots of promise but not even effective to my skin. I gave this a shot since I was so desperate to correct my skin tone. I can’t even look at my dull skin face in the mirror. isk isk isk

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