Hi guys! I’m back with a skincare review of a product that i think many of you would benefit from! The Melano CC Essence does help to brighten, minimise pores, strengthen skin & control acne & fade acne scars + darkspots.
*UPDATE: I just recently got a few breakouts after my travel, and the Melano CC Essence does help to fade my acne marks!

Check it out here:
Melano CC Pure Vitamin Essence (RM49.80)

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  1. Averyl Nicole Christopher

    OMG!! I love this product 😍💕. I've been using Melano CC for 4 months now and I've noticed a huge difference in my skin tone as well as my dark post acne spots. Love love this product. Definitely one of my holy grail product😍💕

  2. Kar Yee

    Hi Alicia, I'm KY, from Malaysia too! This is my first time watching your video. 💖💖

    I've been waiting for few months to try out this product, I did quite lots of research … until I saw your video & recommend then I decide to try it. I hope this product works well to solve the freckle & Acne marks.

  3. Caroline Velloso

    Hey Alicia!! Happy to find your review 🙂 did you see any difference in your pores after using this product ??

  4. Dinh Eddie

    Hi, im just confused if it is actually working on acne scars ??? and should i use Thursday Plantation after i use this serum ??

  5. JiVKook

    Will it work on my face that has little bit of spots 😭😭Ik it’s not gonna take it away but will it kind of help it?

  6. R Noor

    I really want this. I have so many acne marks 😭. Shipping is so expensive at the moment to UK due to covid 19. I will just wait until things are better. Great video. ❤🙌🏽👍🏼. Very helpful. I have terrible acne marks. 😭

  7. Candace Quintero

    This isn’t like “bleaching” your skin right? 😯 I want to buy this but I’m scared of it bleaching my face since I know a lot of countries want to achieve pale skin

  8. theinspirething

    Hi alicia. Do you use melano cc after skii essence? The result is pretty bad for my skin. I read some articles saying that it is bad to combine vit c with acid. But idk whether skii is considered acid or not.

  9. Zaccary Lee

    One of the best product i came across…tried it for 3 months..solved my acne problem, lighten and smoothen my skin…wont change for anything…and also get the toner…i promise you it work wonderful..

  10. nina mz

    I just bought this recently this week! I have dry/combi skin and really bad hyperpigmentation. Everytime I get a pimple or even just a mosquito bite on my face, it WILL leave a scar 🙁 Right now I have years old and months old of scars on my face. I’ll update if I see any difference. Having faith in this product

  11. NamelessXiii

    I love this product. I start using the product after watching your vid.im being using this about 4 month.It really work very well for my acne scar & dark spot. Thank for recommending ..😍 really happy for the result

  12. Chloe Dobbs

    Hello there, I want to know if Fopobiacne Secrets, will work for me? I see a lot of people keep on talking about this popular natural acne treatment.

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