The Ordinary is a popular, affordable skin-care brand. Its AHA + BHA Peeling Solution, which promises a week’s worth of exfoliation for only $7, went viral all over social media this year. AHA and BHA chemical exfoliants have grown in popularity over the years because they have been known to even skin texture and exfoliate clogged pores. Insider producer Celia Skvaril decided to try out The Ordinary’s peeling solution and check the results under her microscope. She also spoke with content creator and skin-care specialist Hyram Yarbro, who loves the facial for its price and easy use.

Celia has been struggling with a bad acne breakout since November 2019. In “The Zit Fix,” she will be trying out a bunch of different products — microscope included — to see if they help her breakouts, while getting help from experts along the way.

See more from Hyram here:
See more about the product here:

Mara Leighton from our Insider Reviews team also tried the peel and was impressed with its skin-smoothing results at such a cheap price. Read Mara’s full review here:

Pore Spatula Blackhead Extractions Under A Microscope

Peeling Mousse Visibly Lifts Gunk From Pores

Overnight Pore Strips Absorb Excess Sebum


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$7 Peel Claims To Unclog Pores And Even Texture | The Zit Fix


  1. Danielle

    I don’t have acne or many blackheads, but I have enlarge pores but it seems like anything I use to try to minimize them but most pore products are to to get blackheads out, or they seem to make my pores bigger.

  2. Afsah Iqbal

    They didn't tell how often it should be used some people say that to use this once in a week and some say use this once in two weeks……does any one know how often to use?

  3. Audxcity

    Damn why is everybody giving so much hate, chill. Celia obviously went to a lot of effort to make this, which most people here can't do. Show some respect.

  4. Gladys Formal

    Stop peeling your skin. You activate your acne.
    To stop your acne: change your food. Eat less sugar.
    Stop to stress with your skin's problem.
    And use smooth beauty products. Less is more.
    In France, there are beauty products who are wonderful.
    It is SANOFLORE Acqua Magnifica.

  5. Ineka Walker

    I call it the blood of my enemies facial peel mask! 😆😈😹 I love this stuff!!!
    This is my first video that I paid attention to all the way, have you tried dermaplaning? That could help you as well. Just once a month.

  6. Skin Witch

    Also hyram is wrong salicylic acid is not the smallest molecule size. It is glycolic What salicylic acid has over glycolic is that it is oil soluble and is able to penetrate well into the skin.

  7. Skin Witch

    For a more in depth on what AHA are – these are various fruit acid molecules that can exfoliate the skin by weakening the bound between cells. They are water soluble and are of various molecule size. Gyolic acid and lactic acid are the most study. The AHA are gyolic, lactic, Malic,tartaric,citric, and mandelic. Gyolic has the smallest molecule size and is the strongest. Sensitive skin beware. In the context of anti aging gyolic and lactic acid at high % stimulate collagen remodeling. This is only available from a chemical peel. Generally 30% and a low ph are effective for collagen boosting.

  8. Skin Witch

    So first of all this is not a peel. It will not be close to something like a 30% gycolicpeel,TCA peel or Jessner solution. This is a chemical exfoliate. Peels tend to have a lower ph. This product ph is 3.6 which is high for a esthetician or dermatologist useage. I use around 2.8-3.0. Also the instructions state to use it once-twice a week. You will not get a chemical peel that often unless you want chemical burns. It not a bad product, but if your looking for anti aging product your better off with a retinol. Also if you already have a chemical exfoliate you don’t really need this.

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