my valheim review – the best survival game in years!
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  1. Taylor Kleinhenz

    Great review Jade. I absolutely love this game. While live service games can be annoying at times, I seriously hope they continue to add content. I'd be more than happy to pay for dlc once the game is finished.

  2. Omenoffate14

    Why do y’all like this game? I played it for a couple hours and didn’t rly notice anything new or exceptional. For example Conan exiles has a lot more to it. Can y’all let me know why you love it so much, maybe convince me to give it another go. Thanks

  3. CasinoGrounds

    Jade PG: Complaining about getting a woodcutting perk from boss.
    Also Jade PG: "Guys I highly recommend that you cheat in order to get more wood!"

    I sure wonder why this disappointed you 🤔🤔

  4. Takagi Morisato

    Wait so I recently had a friend snap at me that Terraria isn't a survival game when I was telling him about valheim. Is this actually a thing where there's some elite core of Terraria players that will murder you for saying it's a survival game?

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