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This is a long-overdue review! There were many times where I contemplated creating a review for this product but just didn’t. It was one of the products I always used but never really felt the need to review it haha. But here we are with a review!! Now everyone can know about it and how great it is!
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  1. zoe

    just bought this foundation after my friend recommended it to me, and i havent worn it out yet but i tried it ok for a few minutes and i cannot believe how smooth my skin looked !! my skin is so oily and even with no primers it looked so amazing ! i rly hope it stays on for a long time bc if it does this will be my holy grail foundation and i will never touch another foundation EVER again

  2. Grace S

    I have this foundation! Someone recommended it to me because I thought her face looked flawless, much like how your face looks here! I usually use the tiniest amount, and then apply with a foundation brush. Looks super nice that way but I think I got the wrong color, oops. Another one of my favorites is Tarte's Amazonian 12 Hour Clay Foundation. I wonder how it would hold up under your scrutiny 😀 Loved this review!

  3. Pam P.

    I don't really wear foundation anymore but this is still my holy grail foundation to use for when I go to events. I have dry skin and this never looked cakey on me. (I apply in thin layers on top of moisturized prepped skin).

  4. Inthe Closet

    Thank you for this wonderful review! I was thinking of trying this foundation for a long time but was never quite sure if it would work with my weird skin (sometimes my skin is really dry and sometimes it’s WET from all the oil).

  5. AngeeloRabaya

    Everybody who has oily skin really love this Foundation and many called this the Holy Grail Foundation for oily skin. This is my favorite Foundation so far the best Foundation for oil control and sweat proof. The only downside of this Foundation is it kinda looks obvious you're wearing makeup if you don't control the amount of product. Hey HOWLING there's a new Cushion Foundation from Estée Lauder and it is the new Estee Lauder Double Wear Soft Glow Matte Cushion they say it is a Matte Cushion with a Dewy Finish. They say this is the Actual Cushion version of the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup because its Matte and has medium to full coverage unlike the original Double Wear Cushion BB which is light to medium coverage and not matte. Hopefully you will do a review on that. If your shade in Double Wear Foundation is 2W0 Warm Vanilla the Cushion also has 2W0 Warm Vanilla. 😊👍

  6. Anna VK

    I love this foundation too, but man did it need a learning curve xD Initially, I was convinced it was awful, but in retrospect it was because I would dot it all over my face before blending, use too much, and use a wet sponge. Dotting it meant it would set before I could blend it out (because dang that thing has intense holding power), using too much made it insanely cakey, and it didn't vibe with a wet sponge in my experience. I use a tiny bit now, with a dry sponge, and work in small areas, and it really is so nice.<333

  7. Citra budi arnani

    i also really like this foundation since i also have oily skin and obviously large pore.
    i used shade tawny and that's absolutely fit into my skin tone
    i've been wondering if you can make review for naked foundation too
    thank you so much for your review!!
    i've been enjoying alot!
    good job howling ~
    love from indonesia <3

  8. W!Nter

    Too expensive. 🙂 I don't think it worth the price. And it doesn't suit the dry skin. There are two DW dupes which are popular in Europe – Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation and Eveline Liquid Control HD Foundation. I'm not sure if you have them in Korea, but if you do, check them out. People with oily skin usually like them.

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