🐾Hey Fluffies
Thank you for requesting this cushion! I am really happy that I tried this cushion out. I got to know that it was amazing! AND also that I was a complete idot… buying 2 refills… ANYWAYS! I hope you all enjoyed and stay safe everyone!

*Please know that some are Amazon affiliate links, they won’t cost you anything extra but they will give me a little something to dance about*

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🌱Products used in DAY 2🌱:
Shiseido Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover Powder (Link to review:
CODE GLOKOLOR L. Fix-On Primer (Link to review:
LUNA Long Lasting Tip Concealer (Link to review:
Contour and blush from BBIA (Link to review:

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  1. Verena Scharrer

    As always love your honest and authentic videos. Could you compare the moonshot vs romand? Also since Covid-19 seems to be an ongoing topic I bet a lot of us would like to see a compilation "best under mask cushions" or "cushions best perfoming under mask". Since wearing masks became an integral part of my day my cheeks are really irritated and red driving me to use make-up when I have always avoided it because of transfer and it is still a major concern for me.

  2. sunny day

    Hi, I am looking for Blankme cushion. I wonder if you knew this. It seems like Blankme cushion has not been sold anywhere. Would you know what happens to the company? Are they closed down?

  3. Via Cai

    Just want to say you are the best in cushion review. What a long video and dont know why, how can i watch it until the end. Then at last today i subscribe your channel. 😅. You're good👍👍👍

  4. Lisa Wang

    hii I just find your channel after looking for cushion recommendations and love your review! hard to looking for reviews that super honest like you! I think I'd buy it too! and anyway, may I know the contact lens u wear in this video? the color is really pretty 💕

  5. Grace S

    Omo omo omo! You are AHHH-maaaazing! <3 lol I am happy the product and you got along so well haha. It certainly looks gorgeous and buuuuttter on you! * adds to list *

  6. Kanani

    Do you know where this cushion would be sold in stores in korea? I am super pale so i usually need to double check in store if its pale enough before buying. -_-

  7. LL Wong

    Your reviews are so pumped with your cheerful personality I have fun just watching your comments, as well as your in depth product reviews. I especially laugh at your wolf howls in between. Keep it up. Fighting!!!

  8. Jackie Sos

    I have this cushion , ordered #23 for reference I am light medium skin , is very good, no grease, my skin is dry and this cushion is perfect. I put a little bit of powder in my t zone.

  9. Julie Napier

    Can you please review JUNG SAEM MOOL – Essential Skin Nuder Cushion Set? Thanks 🙂 Love your review! BTW check out challan de pairs cushion as well. I personally love mine. I just wish they make more colors.

  10. micaelasebaton

    I want to get this but I’m terrified I’ll get the wrong shade! I bought a korean foundation from etude house years ago and it was white as paper on my face and my friends called me flashback Mary 🙁

  11. Johahabnidaaa

    I love this review💕💕 at the beginning i thought it was too long for one product and was gonna leave when you tell the results but i ended up watching the whole thing! and enjoyed it💕

  12. Gianna Joanna

    Hi @Howling! Looove your reviews, especially the close ups that I'm missing in every other reviews from others.
    Also just my opinion, I don't need the cushion to last 8 hours since it's so convenient to reapply. Also because of spf. And for touch ups I would use NO other product just a blotting paper and then I would reapply the foundation. Works like magic but only with dewy foundations that's why I love them ☺️

  13. Zahidah Mohtar

    SUBSCRIBED RIGHT AWAY!!! Your reviews are the best cuz you are not afraid to give us a close up and we can actually see how the foundation looks like on the skin 💖💖💖

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