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Another cushion review!! It took so long to choose my next cushion but OMG how worth the time it was!! This cushion has gotten such good praises and I was super curious to try it out!!!

I used the color 19 light!

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  1. Melanie

    Thank you for the upclose …your vid looks raw/real. I see so many other reviews and because of their prof lights/camera and editing everything always looks so perfect lol

  2. Pitsinee D

    Thank you for the review! If you don't mind, compare to Hera black cushion, which one is brighter? I already have Hera cushion shade #21 with me and it fits me well. it has the exact same color as my own skin so a little bit brighter shade is still fine i think. So i'm not sure which shade of jsm that will match my skin T-T im deciding between light or fair light.

  3. Blueblurrie

    Thank you for the review! Really appreciate your humor and honesty, and love how you slowly changed your mind about this cushion as time went on! I was looking for a longwear one and your reviews helped steer me away from Sulwhasoo to this!

  4. nicki.c


    Could you suggest the mattest cushion that’s not heavy coverage that still looks fresh that you’ve tried before? Hope you see and answer thisss would be such a big help!

    I was really looking forward to you doing a review on Etude House – Long Lasting Cushion (that’s been my fave eversince because I’m not into dewy finish ones because I am personally suuuper oily so I don’t mind super matte finish cushions). Thank you!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  5. Theeranat Sirikulpiyarat

    I tried the long wear one and it's freaking awesome. It works really well with Thailand's weather!! Glass skin look, not too oily 😃 it does collecting around the nose after 3-4 hours but who cares!! It looks pretty from distance 😂😂 wanna try skin nuder too but it might be too oily for me!?

  6. Cheesecaeks

    I'm pretty new to cushions, but I'm using the Missha M Magic one… my whole face tends to look like how your nose did when you pointed out how it was doing with your pores… am I applying wrong?

  7. Jessica Hawco

    Thanks for the review! I just purchased this cushion on YesStyle and I was looking for a review to see the colour! I actually got the same colour you have. Really hoping it will work for my skin 🤗😍

  8. PH

    thanks for doing those close-ups! it helped give me a better sense of what the foundation looks like on skin, especially because yours looks so much like mine

  9. Wanladar

    I literally just ordered this cushion because of your review hah, will hopefully update after I try the product! Thanks for the review, love

  10. Huệ Quyên Dương

    Hi Howling 💕 I just found your channel yesterday and i can’t stop to keep myself from watching your videos. I’ve watched your vlogs, your singings, your QnAs and your cushion reviews which I love the most 💯💯 And i really love your positive energy 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Love u so muchhhhh

  11. poporoprae praeprae

    Omg my money is going to 💸 againnnn Tbh, i love watching your review soooo much! Because i think your skin type is similarly like me as well, so that benefits me when i have to choose some makeup product. Another is that i love your talking style. I feel like I’m watching my friend, doing her make up and telling funny story she has met through that day. hahaaa that’s so nice. Hope u uploading more new videos. I always support u bee ❤️

  12. Marie Krish Granada

    can you make a review for the su:m37 water-full cc cushion perfect finish? i can't find any decent reviews on that but it is one of the high-end brands of LG household and health care company.

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