Kids Basic English Conversation: easily learn how to use ‘Can’ & Can’t’.
English Vocabulary:
• jump, run, hit, kick, catch, throw,

English grammar: Can // Can’t
Learn “Can & Can’t” through simple English conversations in context.
“I am ‘I Can Girl’.”
“I am ‘Captain Can’t’.
• What time is it?
“It is three o’clock in the afternoon. And I can do anything at 3 o’clock.”

• What can you do?
“I can __.” (jump, run, etc…)
• Can you ___ and ___? (jump, run, hit, catch…)
“I can __ and ___.” (jump and run, hit and catch,…)
“No, I can’t ___ and I can’t ___.” (jump, run, hit, catch…)

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English learning playlists: complete lessons for kids

English learning episodes (25 minutes)

Each lesson has 11 videos. Including; vocabulary, grammar, song, and conversation. This is a linear English course that builds on previous material.
English Lesson #1: Family Members & Greetings – “Who are you?” “What’s your name?”

English Lesson #2: Common Animals & Objects – “What is it?” “What are they?” “Is it …?” “Are they …?”

English Lesson #3: Classroom Objects – Verb “to have” “What do you have?” “What does he / she have?”

English Lesson #4: Classroom Actions & Commands – Common verbs: open, close, stand up, sit down, study, etc

English Lesson #5: Colors (red, green, blue, etc) – “What is your favorite color?” “I like… ” “My favorite color is…”

English Lesson #6: Numbers & Counting – “How many…?” “There is / are …”

English Lesson #7: English Body Parts & the verb – to have

English Lesson #8: English adjectives and animals; english verb – do & does

English Lesson #9: Time of day & telling time – 1st Person Daily Actions

English Lesson #10: Morning to Evening – telling time and basic english verbs – 3rd Person Conjugation

Kids English Learning Show #11: Action verbs / Can & Can’t – “What can you do?”

Kids English Learning Lesson #12: Present continuous tense (-ing) – WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Kids English Learning Lesson #13: English Fruits & the Verb – to like “I like fruit.”

Kids English Learning Lesson #14: Emotions & Feeling – “Why – Because” conversations

Kids Learning Show #15 : Adjectives & Descriptions – “Is it good?”

Cartoons & Animations: Lessons 1 – 10, & 11 – 20

Karaoke Sing-a-long songs and MTV videos

Cartoons & Animations: Lessons 1 – 10, & 11 – 20

Karaoke Sing-a-long songs and MTV videos

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