The Menendez brothers admitted to killing their parents, but claimed their actions were the result of years of mental and sexual abuse. Here is a portion of their testimony. Much of this story was not allowed in the brothers’ second trial and could now potentially allow the brothers to petition the court for a new one.

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  1. Fnaf Freak234

    why the fuck would she keep asking him to say all of this shit. she’s making him relive all of this trauma

  2. Ashley Montes

    The woman really said that her and the guy never believed that they were abused. What the actual fuck?

  3. Beautybabe316

    These poor poor boys. We failed them horribly. My heart hurts so bad for the pain they went through to never be free

  4. Lillz

    How could they have not been abused they were crying and showing true emotion , also if they can remember all that they can't just make that stuff up , I say corrupt law

  5. Rhune’s life

    I’m watching all the news ab them again and again and again AND I am 100% sure they’re talking the truth!! The menendez parents are abusers asff!! You can hear the pain in Lyle his voice… he is talking the truth! They don’t deserve all this! They deserve freedom! FREE THE MENENDEZ BROTHERS!!!!!!!

  6. Trin Arnott

    this case absolutly breaks my heart how can these brothers still be locked up you dont just sit there and make all this shit up about their own parents no kid would do that

  7. Elle_anime_lover

    This woman has no sympathy like he’s literally balling his eyes out and struggling to speak and she’s has such a monotone voice

  8. aliyah

    how can that lady say she doesn't believe them. its clear to me that they're telling the truth with the amount of detail they go into

  9. Valentina Pasquariello

    the pain he’s showing i can feel it through the screen, they deserve justice poor things

  10. 18 78

    God the little attempts to control his face, to get a hold of himself are so obvious. He's ashamed. My heart aches.
    I can fake crying; anyone can. But this looks and almost feels way too genuine to be fake. When I was finally prepared to tell my therapist I looked just like him. You just can't make this shit up boys. Let em free.

  11. Magdalene Green

    — P—R—I—V—A—T—E—-—S—E—X— .❤ ️
    HERE ➡️
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  12. Andri Bartolozzi

    After 30 years in prison they should be let free, it was killed or be killed and raped. Not to mention this had been going on for years. Killing them physically and mentally.

  13. Amara Gichuhi

    I always wonder why they couldn't have given them a lie detector test to see if they were abused or not

  14. Thetrigamer

    The fuxked part here is that the attorney said at the start that they didnt believe they were abused, but they would never say the same if it was a female up there

  15. marsh mallow

    My heart is breaking for these boys. How could you possibly say the abuse wasn't real. It's so clear to see.

  16. Miraya Bookings

    Seen the testimony still don't buy it. They can't even answer simple questions taking All the time to answer yet not actually responding to the questions. Award winning acting potential abilities though but nope rot in jail

  17. Abby L

    I hate that eriks face is covered when the camera goes over to him while Lyle is crying! Why is the man blocking Erik!

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