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  1. Ivan Ellamil

    Kashia sat for almost 20km on flat and still didn't get on the podium. Kudos to Vollering almost gets dropped every time others start to accelerate but still manage to take her turns and manage to get on the podium. I guess coward tactics and wheelsucking will always get you nowhere. lol

  2. TheRastaYouth

    Thanks for the highlight of Tenille Campbell of Trinidad and Tobago. She's our female pro cycling champion.
    Well done Tenille, keep our red, white and black flying high on the world stage.

  3. Prince Michael Cypret

    Thanks very much!! Cycling is back! Watching it late at night gives me a great distraction from the attacks from the Psychopaths on their Computer Radio Terminals and all the other adolescents so called “Royals” listening in and supporting them. Thank God Pro Cycling is back!!

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