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How to build a telegram bot in 8 lines 🤖
Telegram Bots catalogue 😉
The list of working bots:

Today we are going to test 100 different telegram bots and find out, how many of them are still alive?

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Có thể bạn quan tâm:


  1. Gocerylist Bot

    38:14 Grocery List Bot up and running as usual!! People are using Grocery List Bot because it works in group chats, you can have a shared list with your family or flamates! That's why is cool! I suggest you to make a deeper rewiew of the bots that are working! We will celebrate our fifth anniversary in July this year would you make a review to Grocery List Bot to celebrate?

  2. RedNinja

    8:36 it's italian XD
    btw I can read what does the welcome message says: I think it should send random media in the chat (e.g. funny images, audio) but I'm not so sure
    Also, at 35:50 the bot alert you that it doesn't work (he got stuck, I guess) and ask you to join his channel to stay updated

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