I bet you’re so used to a smartphone in your hand that you’ve never even asked yourself a question: why in the world is it rectangular? Why not square or round, for example?

Or why, for that matter, you can’t use it when in gloves? Why is it not recommended to use your smartphone while it’s charging? Can that blue light from screens of smartphones and computers mess with your sleep?

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Why can’t you use your phone on a sunny day? 0:20
Why is it not recommended to use your smartphone while it’s charging? 0:54
Why electric cars can be fully charged within an hour, but a much smaller smartphone battery needs at least the same time or even more? 1:26
Why do smartphones charge slower in the cold? 1:53
Is blue light from screens of smartphones dangerous? 2:15
What is the most popular phone color? 2:45
Why is tablet PC cheaper than smartphone? 3:16
Why can’t you use your phone in gloves? 3:58
Does restarting phone really help solving some problems? 4:27
Why are phone screens rectangular? 5:02
Why can’t you take a picture of the moon with your phone? 6:06
Why do rear and front-facing cameras differ in picture quality a lot? 6:44
Why does restarting take for ages? 7:14
Why have may modern smartphones had their headphone jacks removed? 7:42
Why does your smartphone flash several times before making the actual shot in the dark? 8:12

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-LCD screens sacrifice visibility for better color reproduction.
-While charging, your phone heats up, so using it might shorten its life. In laptops, the battery is well isolated from the rest of the parts, and the heat goes around it.
-Electric cars have large batteries with separate cooling systems that don’t allow them to overheat while charging. Smartphones will need equally good cooling not to melt down if charged too fast.
-Charging involves chemical reactions. They need a certain range of temperatures for optimal work, so if it’s too cold or too hot, your phone will charge more slowly.
-In modern gadgets there’s an option called “eye-saver mode” or “eye comfort.” It cuts off part of the blue light, making the screen yellowish, but letting your eyes and brain rest.
-Even when there are other color options, black is almost always one of them. The reason boils down to black being a universal color that fits any surroundings.
-Smartphone is mostly expensive than tablet PC because the phone has a radio chip and the tablet does not. Radio chip is probably the most complex part of a smartphone
-The screen reacts to conductive materials, and only if they’re a little squishy — they can activate several sensors at once this way. Gloves don’t conduct electricity, so you either need to use your bare fingers or buy yourself a pair of gloves with special fingertips.
-Rebooting your device helps clear all the unneeded residue and optimize its work.
-Rectangle is the most convenient shape for a screen. It has an orientation, so you can flip your phone all you want and it will adapt. Next, it fits into your pocket nice and cozy: the pocket is deeper than it is wide, so a phone longer than it is broad will sit there perfectly.
-Your smartphone camera is just not light-sensitive enough to capture the Moon in its full glory.
-A higher quality camera requires more space inside the phone, and manufacturers choose to install a smaller and cheaper camera in the front of their devices to save that space.
-When you switch off your device, it dumps everything from its short-term memory. So it takes time for the device to wake up and start functioning at its normal speed.
-First, without a 3.5 mm jack at the top or bottom of the phone, you can make the device itself much thinner. And second, water resistance is trending today, and a headphone jack is a gaping hole in the body of a smartphone.
-With smartphones, the first short flash makes the pupils contract from bright light, and only then the device takes a shot so that you don’t resemble a horror movie.

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  1. Keisha Jungay

    Imagine having a reboot error and having data gone after repeatedly rebooting for 2 hours you bought a new phone after crying for 3hours 23 minutes

  2. pr va

    I don't own one of them new-fangled smartphone thingies 🙂 But I'm curious and I enjoy The Bright Side so thanks for this – informative!

  3. 🇸 🇪 🇪  🇳 🇦 🇲 🇪

    me: charging the phone turned on
    bright side dont charge your phone when on charge
    me: 👁👄👁

  4. Emma Peel-Rice

    Me: *Finishes doing makeup*
    Bright side: "you don't resemble a horror movie creature anymore"
    Me: "Mission complete!"

  5. Ambër Michëllë

    Hey to add to things you can use if you're wearing gloves is your tongue.. I got creative after I became a tetraplegic at 17.😋😛😝

  6. Ethan LaMore

    1 why do you need a thin phone i want a thick one with a bigger battery I don't want a paper plate… also WHI THE F CARES ABOUT WATER RESISTANCE… I WOULD MUCH MORE WANT THE HEADPHONE JACK OVER WATER RESISTANCE

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