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02:27 – Benefit #1 – You will sleep better
02:53 – Benefit #2 – Improved mental health
03:50 – Benefit #3 – Increased productivity
04:21 – Benefit #4 – You will reconnect
04:37 – Steps for a successful digital detox

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors learned to build fires and create hunting implements — you know, survive. We’ve come a long way from those ancient days. Of course, now cooking is as simple as turning on a stove, and shopping at the local grocery store has replaced hunting and gathering.

The struggle Neanderthals experienced was a struggle of physical survival and safety. The idea of a digital detox wouldn’t be invented for thousands of years.
Fast forward to today. We aren’t engaged in the same physical survival struggles that our ancient ancestors were.

Instead, because of our busy lives as business owners and entrepreneurs, we’re engaged in a much more nuanced struggle for psychological time, attention, and space. From emails to sales calls, Twitter advertising to curating your Facebook page, there’s more need for a digital detox than ever before.

What is it?
A digital detox is a period of time during which a person interacts with their world without the assistance of smartphones, computers, or televisions.

Most of us know, at least in the back of our minds, that we have a problem being too connected — but finding a way to work in non-screen time might seem boring. It’s probably because mobile phones and other devices are designed to be addictive. Studies show that overusing technology is bad for your sleep, your relationships, your productivity, and your self-esteem.

Here’s what you should know about the benefits of disconnecting.

1. You’ll sleep better
Using technology after dark keeps you awake. Blue light from screens messes with your natural sleep-wake cycle. It also increases your risk of serious illness like obesity, cancer, and diabetes.

The more we use electronics before bed, the more awake our brains will be, which makes it harder to fall asleep. If you’re always using a device before bed, a digital detox could be what you need to get some rest.

2. Improved Mental Health
Social media use is associated with toxic behaviors: Specifically, narcissism, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem — especially among teens. Social networking encourages us to compare ourselves to others. Disconnecting from the constant stimuli provided by the digital world gives the nervous system a chance to “power down” and rebalance.

3. Increased productivity
Overusing technology makes you less productive: Need to concentrate on a problem at work? When you’re not bogged down in the trivialities of what someone else ate for lunch, you’re able to distinguish with greater clarity between what is urgent and what is important.

You can’t reach that golden flow state of productivity when you’re constantly distracted (and stressed) by notifications. Most successful leaders attribute a great chunk of their success to the ability to focus and our phones make that nearly impossible.

4. You’ll reconnect
Smartphones are especially disruptive, using your smartphone for work at night makes you less productive and engaged the following morning. The results were more pronounced than other forms of technology, like tablets and TV.

When you choose to meet in person, without phones, and deliberately limit email, you get further, faster. Being unplugged allows us to think. It allows us to be present with those around us and helps us reconnect with ourselves. From time to time, we need a break from technology.

So, get ready. Set that out of office reply unapologetically or put your employees in charge of the business for a few days. Make no excuses for building space for creativity and contemplation in your life. Remember to pull the plug when you head out, and let the real world take over. You’ll be happy you did.

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