Kommentaar oor die week se nuus deur die Bril van die Bybel.
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Dr. Bernhard Ficker

Die opinies en menings hier uit gespreek is nie noodwendig dit van Homebase TV nie.

#Godsdiens en die Koerante

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  1. Arthur101 *

    Bernhard thanks so much for directing me to your program. I found it most interesting, and sadly see how the Word of God is being attacked on all sides.

    The topic in your presentation that really caught my attention was that of the flat earth question.

    My studies on this subject point to the Holy Bible declaring that the earth is indeed flat, and covered by a solid dome forming an arch above us. Firmament – Job 37:18 / Gen 1:6

    In Gen 1:14 + 17 we read that God set the sun, moon and stars within the firmament to give light upon the earth. They are not millions, billions and trillions of miles from us.

    The world has ends Psalm 22:27

    The earth has breadth Job 38:18

    In 1 Ch 16:30 we read that the earth is stable, and does not move. The Hebrew word for "stable" H3559 is defined as "erect and perpendicular" (there is no tilt of 66.6 degrees as claimed by "science" falsely so called.

    Further to this it is claimed that the earth rotates on its axis, at the equator at 1034 miles per hour.

    Do you feel this movement, or does it feel that the earth is stationary, just like the Holy Bible claims. Do you feel the earth speeding around the sun at 66.600 miles per hour?

    The Holy Bible points to a Geocentric creation, not to the Heliocentric theory as proposed by Copernicus, and supported by the Roman Catholic Church, and Jesuits.

    The sun, moon and stars revolve above the earth, within the firmament.

    In Joshua 10:12-13 we read that the sun and moon where commanded to stand still.

    Ps 19:4-6 explains that the sun circuits the earth.

    It was not the earth that was instructed to stop rotating and revolving.

    In Mark 14:9 the word for "world" in Greek is Kosmos (G2889) and is defined as stars, heaven, world, and universe. This ties up perfectly with the creation account in Genesis. It is all contained within the solid dome called the firmament.

    You made mention that in the Bible the world is spoken of as a ball.

    The word ball is mentioned only once (In Isa 22:18) and never refers to the shape of the earth. Can you please point me to the scriptures that confirm that the earth is a ball?

    And then are you able to explain how Satan could have shown all the kingdoms of the earth from a high place to Jesus in a moment of time on a "ball earth"?

    Remember that according to science, there is a curvature of the earth of .666 feet per square mile.

    This 666 number seems to be very prominent in the ball earth science.

    It is also interesting to me that in Sam 2:8 we read that the world (H8398) is set on pillars

    (H8398) is recorded as "Tay-bale" Sounds like table.

    If indeed the earth is believed to be a ball, as proposed by science, then they have succeeded in their deception we can throw out the Holy Bible as just another fairytale.

    Do you really believe that the earth is a ball, tilted at 66.6 degrees, that it spins around the sun at 66.600 mph, that it rotates on its axis at 1034 mph at the equator and you cannot feel it?

    Do the verses and questions that I listed point to a ball earth having these properties?

    And then as a final question I have – why does the United Nations display the flat earth map as their emblem?

    I would like to hear from you more on this subject

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