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FIXED 500 Internal Server Error on WordPress

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The 500 internal server error is not a WordPress-specific error. It is a general server error that may be related to your server settings or your WordPress files. Use the information in this tutorial to troubleshoot the 500 internal server error you are receiving.

Here are the things you’ll need to troubleshoot.

1. Your htaccess file may be corrupted. Try renaming it and see if that fixes the 500 error. If it does then the problem is in the htaccess file.

2. You may have reached the memory limit on your hosting account. Try increasing the limit using one of the methods outlined in this tutorial:

3. Try replacing the wp-admin and wp-include folders with fresh versions of those folders. This one is more complicated. Basically you’d backup those two folders in your hosting account and upload those two folders from a fresh version of WordPress downloaded from

Check Your Plugins

The first 500 internal server error troubleshoot is by deactivating all of your plugins.

To do this log into your site files using FTP or going through cPanel.
If you go the cPanel route, click on File Manager in your cPanel.

The find your website’s root folder. It is usually in the public_html folder.

Then navigate to wp-content and locate the “plugins” folder.
Next rename the Plugins folder to something different like “plugins-old”. This deactivates all the plugins on your site.

If that fixes the problem, then you know the problem is with your plugins.

Now that you know the problem is with your plugins you can go into the WordPress back-end and activate each plugin individually to isolate the cause.

You do this by activating one plugin, then reload your website. If you do not see the 500 Internal Server Error then it’s not that plugin.
Then activate another plugin and do the same until one of them breaks your site.

Once you know which plugin is causing the 500 Internal Server error, you can either delete that plugin, replace it, or contact the developer for more help.

If deactivating the plugins didn’t fix the problem, keep on reading.

Increase Your Memory Limit

The next step in the troubleshooting process is to increase the memory limit on your website.

Go cPanel and open the File Manager again. There may be a file in your website’s root called php.ini. If there is not just create a file with that name.

Now, open the newly created file in the code editor and type memory=128MB in the file. This should increase your memory limit.

Now refresh your website.

If the error is gone, the cause was a memory problem on the server and you have identified the problem.

You should now contact your host support to figure out what is draining your memory and remedy the problem with their help.

Replace wp-admin and wp-include Files

If increasing the memory limit did not clear up the error, then copy in a new “wp-admin” folder and “wp-includes” folder in your WordPress site.

This can be done quite simply, but you want to follow the right process to protect yourself in case anything goes wrong.

First, go to your root folder and compress each of the current “wp-admin” and “wp-includes” folders into a zip archive. Just in case something goes wrong you’ll have a backup of those files.

Now go to and click on the “Download WordPress” button.

The downloaded zip file will contain the latest versions of “wp-admin” and “wp-includes”. Unzip that WordPress file.

Find the “wp-admin” and “wp-includes” inside the WordPress folder on your harddrive. Highlight both of them and compress them.

Upload them into the root folder of your website using cPanel or FTP.
Now go ahead delete the uncompressed versions of these folders in your website root.

Next, extract the compressed folders and now you have fresh copies of them on your website.

Refresh your website to see if that fixes the problem. If it does fix the problem, you can safely delete the compressed backups.

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  1. AYS Pro - WordPress Plugins, Tips & Tutorials

    I have a question: when I get 500 status from a plugin, how can I understand where exactly the issue comes from so that I can solve it?

  2. Federico Wills

    Error 500 for me comes when theres big traffic to my site, and it disappears after refresh, any recommendations on that?

  3. Goshiana Deehul

    Hi, I have tried all the methods shown in the video but it still didn't fix the 500 Internal Server issue.
    Do you have other solutions ?
    Help please

  4. Amit Dakua

    Thanks a lot boss. I solve my issue by watch this video and I become a follower of you. Thanks a lot again.

  5. Shiva Krishnan

    Hey mate, could changing hosting companies solve this porblem? I have the server 500 error, which seems to be intermittent. I've tried everything you said, and have also contacted my hosting company (bluehost), and they are no help whatsoever. I don't know what to do. During the day in Australia, it loads and functions fine. At night, it starts to play up.

  6. American Seo

    error 500 goes away by replacing WordPress core files from file manager but it starts showing up again after some time, especially when I try to update the plugin.

    Please advise what could be the reason.

  7. Dan G. Fox - Internet Marketing

    Thanks so much. This was very helpful. I was able to eliminate the error which ended up related to a plugin.

  8. John T

    Hello Bjorn, my problem seems to be beyond the points you mention in this video

    I have done the following to attempt to solve a 500 Internal Server Error on a friends site (
    The PHP Memory Limit has been increased to 128
    All plugins and themes have been deactivated.
    Core Files – wp-admin and wp-includes have been re-uploaded.
    I have renamed the .htaccess file and created a new one

    The only interesting thing that I noticed when completely disabling the .htaccess file I encountered this when refreshing the site;

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function nocache_headers() in /home/public/wp-admin/admin.php:36 Stack trace: #0 /home/public/wp-admin/index.php(10): require_once() #1 {main} thrown in /home/public/wp-admin/admin.php on line 36
    Not sure of the significance.

    Have tried to activate wp debug / log / display unsuccessfully

    Some file permissions needed to be corrected.

    The host ( is unhelpful, although they say there is no problem at their end. This host does not use cpanel so my only direct access to the site is via FTP only (Filezilla)

    The error message indicates that a malfunctioning script or CGI application might be the issue – I have no idea how to troubleshoot that.

    I have no idea how to evaluate CGI scripts


  9. Gomathi Govindharaj

    i cant clear the error
    The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.—> i got this error please help me

  10. Dreamer52 UK

    This video saved my website again! I don't know which solution particularly, but I followed 4 steps than the error is gone!

  11. Vincent Kay

    Hahaha I’ve been following you for a while now, I have been working for a hosting company for a few years now. You pretty much solved 80% of the issues in this one video alone. Process of elimination is key and you outline those steps perfectly 😂 I just lol when I see comments your video did not fix this, please fix my issue. “Sir I do not have admin access to your VPS, contact your hosting provider” great stuff man!

    Other than that it can be compatibility issues with php or WP ver. Also you will have the occasional Udemy guru that messes with his SQL tables and ends up dumping his whole DB w/o backing up before dabbling with his backend lol 😆

  12. Wallie

    Hi, I'm having the 500 issue, this happened while theme on the site, I think what cause the problem was after installing wp and I got the confirmation email, I accidentally closed the browser, after I reopened it I realized the it started to install again, so I closed it, I installed Astra theme , then elimentor, then the mountain site that's when I got 500 error message, I can log in to the site, thanks for your help.

  13. Skilled_immigrants

    Really informative, thanks a lot. I just got problem with the public_html folder, i only get 3 thing there which are well-known, cgi-bin and htaccess i dont know how to add the wordpress plugins to the cpanel file manager

  14. Ezequiel Gandolfo

    Hello, I communicate from Argentina! excellent information, but the text document HTACCESS does not appear to me, I hope your help, thanks

  15. Английский для всех

    Hello, that’s a great explanation and I am glad with your great ideas. Please I am having a great challenge. I have an unexpected error while using my website. The error is “Service Unavailable “ server currently undergoing maintenance. Webmaster please contact support. I have received message from hostgator who wrote that I have over use CPU resources (25%) so my account as been disabled so, what can I do

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