“Should I take Moderna or Pfizer?” you might ask. Infectious diseases experts Prof Ooi Eng Eong from Duke-NUS Medical School, Dr Leong Hoe Nam from Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, and Assoc Prof Hsu Li Yang of the NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health answer 11 commonly asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr Tseng Hsien Cho of Raffles Medical Group also confirms/debunks 5 pieces of ‘advice’ people give when it comes to getting your jab.

00:00 What’s the difference between Pfizer and Moderna?
00:32 Is Moderna a stronger vaccine since it’s a larger dose? Should I take Moderna instead?
01:00 Why is the gap between doses at 21 days for Pfizer and 28 days for Moderna?
01:25 Moderna has a higher dose, will I experience more side effects?
01:52 Why do I have side effects after vaccination? What causes side effects?
02:12 Can I still get coronavirus after vaccination? Does the vaccine protect against all strains and mutants of COVID-19?
02:56 Why should I get the vaccine if I can still get infected with COVID-19?
03:30 How long will the vaccine last? When do I need to get vaccinated again?
04:13 Why do I need booster shots?
04:32 Can I mix and match COVID-19 vaccines?
05:05 When can I stop wearing masks and social/safe distancing? When can I travel again?
05:45 Exercising the day before will boost my immunity and the vaccine’s efficacy. True or false?
06:08 Moving my arm about helps with the soreness after a jab. True or false?
06:27 Drinking plenty of water after the jab will help. True or false?
07:03 Alcohol can affect my immune system. True or false?
07:22 Taking paracetamol before the jab helps. True or false?
07:31 So how I can maximise the vaccine’s efficacy?

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    So many people can’t accept that we are still in a pandemic. No amount of magical thinking can change what is.

  2. Three Shocks shocker

    Unethical no long-term research on the effects to the public and if you took it you are a guinea pig with no rights the devil knows his time is short don't be confused by his lies on top of the discrimination it's causing all around the world for people that not willing to conform to the status quo I'm sorry I just don't trust it and if that means I will be categorized and stigmatized as an anti-vaxxer then so be it
    This discrimination that's coming is the new racism in the world
    Talks a lot about this in second Peter chapter 3 and Revelations 18 make sure that when you read these that you have a concordance to the Greek and Hebrew meaning of the King James Bible so you can see it for yourself these are evil people pushing this agenda all they care about is a paycheck and their corporations GP bureaucratic governments controlled by corporations are not to be trusted they exude their power through their wealth not their knowledge they're not to be trusted
    I'm old enough to remember the past.!

  3. Zayda

    I got the Vaccine, not like we’re gonna live forever anyways, COVID sucks & I’m to impatient to wait to start doing the things I love to do. only side effects i’ve got was a sore arm, & aching body for less then a day 😎

  4. Deepika Gangu

    Man lijiye ki hamne vaccine le liya h.or technical issues k wajah ya survey down k wajah se hamara registration ni hua to kya kare.plz rply

  5. Shane Higgins

    Which is better? None! Don't get suckered into that fake, untested, unproven, experimental med. Ivermectin takes care of covid19 just fine

  6. Mario

    What matters is they are sterilizing everyone that is lucky enough to survive.
    They killed my best friend.
    Thousands of people are dying from the vaccination already. This is more than all past years of vaccinations combined.

  7. Rupak Sarkar

    I have taken titanus vaccine today after 30 days of taking covid vaccine…will it create any issue?

  8. Stellar lupus

    Any outlet/ "doctor" advocating the vaccidents are "safe & effective" are traitors to humanity whether they know it or NOT.

    In Layman's Terms, doctors who are doing their JOBS should know these covid 19 antidotes are FAKE! One can't cure a man-made lung virus by Injecting gene altering synthetics into the bloodstream.

  9. Lucy Yeo

    Good grief. Why do you want a powerful vaccine for? You want powerful side effects is it ? Like fireworks???

  10. Rick Terscale

    Why are they not talking about booster shots?
    If the vaccine only has a 6 to 8 month efficacy then people will need a booster shot every 8 months.
    And they don't say if they need two booster shots or just one.

  11. strange times

    60% of all new "covid cases" are in vaccinated people. Only MORONS are lining up for this. But there are plenty.

  12. Kelsey

    I've been jab with sinovac vaccine last Friday and I only experience light nauseous feeling and my arm feels heavy. But after a few hours it already disappear. Now it's been 3 days since I was vaccinated no pain or side effects anymore.

  13. Flying Horse

    To say what you Know as Know, what you DON'T Know as DON'T Know, that is truly knowing.

    — Confucius

    Only if many of those who (which include WHO experts) unthinkingly reply that the current COVID vaccine has no KNOWN long-term EFFECT.

  14. God's Amazing Grace

    This evil vaccine creates spikes on your cells to produce protein
    Cannot be credible at all!!
    Why take such Risk to be the experimental human white mice??

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