बॉलीवुड की सुपरहिट हिंदी मूवी :
Diljale (दिलजले ) –
Ajay (अजय) –
Mann (मन ) –
Bhagam Bhag (भागम भाग) –
Big Brother (बिग ब्रदर) –
Dil Kya Kare (दिल क्या करे) –
Barsaat (बरसात ) –
Banjaran (बंजारन ) –
Tango Charlie (टैंगो चार्ली ) –
Dhamaal (धमाल ) –

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Movie Starts At 01:00
Sunny Deol Best Dialogue 20:55
Court Drama 1:37:25
Fight Scene 2:11:08

Sachidanand Agnihotri is an honest school teacher. He comes forward to testify against the sexual assault and murder of a young woman. Sachidanand points an accusing finger at Nagesh, the son of a prominent and influential man Jaspal Rana. Due to his statement the police are bound to arrest Nagesh and put him behind the bars. But soon Sachidanand is psychologically tortured and forced to commit suicide. His young son Vishal then takes the law into his own hands in order to avenge his father.

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  1. Shemaroo Movies

    बॉलीवुड की सुपरहिट हिंदी मूवी :

    Diljale (दिलजले ) – https://youtu.be/5E-XW81ACJc

    Ajay (अजय) – https://youtu.be/AVLwfpA4vXU

    Mann (मन ) – https://youtu.be/j8w7DzNgShg

    Bhagam Bhag (भागम भाग) – https://youtu.be/6FqUN9MO0zc

    Big Brother (बिग ब्रदर) – https://youtu.be/dJwlJmAcb4I

    Dil Kya Kare (दिल क्या करे) – https://youtu.be/ZedqipwOBL8

    Barsaat (बरसात ) – https://youtu.be/qPEeo4qGKF4

    Banjaran (बंजारन ) – https://youtu.be/y4nYf9j04Nk

    Tango Charlie (टैंगो चार्ली ) – https://youtu.be/wL2gTESS5Cw

    Dhamaal (धमाल ) – https://youtu.be/6xdRuJoEMoU


    Asy polic waly kuton ko sary am phansi Dani cheye Saly khaty Awam Kay Sar ka hain gulami harmi logon ke karty hain

  3. Zahed Khan

    my indian friends he said he killed 4 people what about those other police officers he killed ? dont grow your population like this !

  4. Jose Christiana

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  5. S D

    Just feel aur kitnay SSR ko maarogay. Movie hai so dikhadiya hero kaha milayga SSR ko justice…. he is also a victim of this system….RIP SSR 🙏

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