This video is about how to fix Minecraft authentication error while joining online servers.
Please watch the full video and follow all the steps shown by me this will lead you to fix this problem.

If this didn’t solve your problem then try this out –

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Mojang Twitter handle –
Check Minecraft login servers –

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  1. Faster

    If I disable the firewall and then I can play on the servers, if I reactivate the firewall that means that I can't play on mc servers?

  2. Asser Elalfy

    Hey can you help me? Whenever I try to join any server, it says failed to log in: The authentication servers are currently down for maintenance. I've been trying to fix it from letting it through the firewall to logging out and in and everything but it's not working. Please help.

  3. KaramBananaツ

    so, i just bough minecraft premium(before i played on tlauncher) and none of this steps work and i can t play on hypixel pls helppp

  4. Lent

    Well, this message was there since I downloaded it on my pc. This video didn't work for me. I think it has something to do with that I buyd Minecraft on my laptop and installed it on my pc in the second place

  5. ItzRokrz

    Bro I bought Minecraft on 14 Dec 2020 and I was able to play Hypixel and other servers for like 2 days then it showed that I need to switch to my Mojang account but I didn't have a Mojang account because on Mojang they said that they will use Microsoft accounts to login but I couldn't login on Mojang cuz the login button doesn't even work so I bought Microsoft but after like 2 months it said that "Failed to login: server authentications are currently down for maintenance so, Please help me :(((

  6. Squad Hat

    probably server are down for maintanance is a cracked account error you must have an premium account so you can join that server, i don't know if this video can fix it.

  7. Itz Ava

    its because when u created your account u entered your real birthdate which means that u are prob below 18. to play multiplayer u need to be above 18….

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