So few know that Siener the Boer Prophet lost two girls in the Mafeking concentration camp.There was over 126 British concentration camps in S.A. The grim reality of the BIG DIAMONT HOLE in KIMBERLEY is when I look at this hole is the greed of the British. They wanted all the gold and daimonds in our country. In the biggest graveyard in KIMBERLEY is only 8 graves of 600 left for you to see. Iam sure they helped to get rid of the evidence when they ruled KIMBERLEY.My question to you is was DE BEERS AND THE OPNHEIMERS also involved with the atrocities during the Anglo Boer war?

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  1. Stephanie Nicole De Klerk

    My father would've loved this right now. I miss you so much dad. Ex Alto Vincimus. We conquer from above.

  2. nikki cruden

    God bless you for your incredible heartbreaking work which is needed in healing our beautiful land. Only a pure heart of love and forgiveness can surely uncover the horrific truth of our past without being engulfed in hatred and anger.

    The fish hooks in the bully beef must have been widely distributed to many if not most camps as this story was told by many for decades after.
    How does one not be filled with ANGER and HATRED when thinking about this?
    I myself had to be reminded by my parents that if the old people could forgive and start again from nothing, then who are we, the generation who have no understanding of the great war crimes and atrocities committed on our families hold a GRUDGE.

    Forgiveness is the key to uncovering the whole truth. History will repeat itself if not, hence one third of our current white population in South Africa are now destitute.

  3. Herman Booysen

    Thank you gentlemen. Much appreciated. Never keep quiet about this. Never!
    You are correct. "eendrag maak mag". Amen.

  4. European African Le' Deplorabiles

    Ou Rudie Grootman , ek is opreg trots op wat jy doen , mag dit vorentoe beweeg en baie meer aandag vind .

  5. Samantha Hammond

    Thank you for all your work Rudie, thank you for the truth!! Our FATHER bless you and Scott for all you do, may you be blessed abundantly! 💖

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