Prophesies regarding England

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  1. Ben Hashem

    Van Rensburg had some other disturbing visions about England which I did not add, because I was not sure what they meant.
    1. He mentioned that the English population will be murdered by "Indians" and only a few will escape. (In South Africa the Afrikaner people sometimes get confused with the difference between Muslim and Indian, so it could be Islamists or people from Indian origin).
    2. "In Europa kom 'n groot kom in gezicht en daar is vark wors in. Toe is daar 'n skottel water en uit die water kom 'n gekapte kop. Toe kom 'n zwart manel uit."
    Translation: In Europe a big bowl comes into sight and there is pork sausage in it. Then there is a bowl of water and out of the water comes a head that has been chopped off. Then a black coat comes out. –
    Explanation: A prominent British citizen will be beheaded during a foreign visit. It will shock Britain and the funeral will be attended by nobles and officials.
    3. America will swallow England financially. The currency will become worthless and soon after this the rest of Europe follow and then the rest of the world. It will be a time of depression unlike any before.
    4. A strong male leader will take over the reigns in Germany and save it at a time when it seems the country would be lost. Van Rensburg saw Germany at the head of a table with several other countries around, but the British chair was empty and many other European countries had no representation.
    5. "I see a black snake in England" – "They will have the same type of problem we will have with the blacks." "They will cause civil war and famine." … "The snake curls itself up." – "I see blacks and other colored nationalities establish themselves in England and then their trouble starts."
    6. Van Rensburg saw Germany being defeated in the 2nd world war, but it gets covered by a white canvas. He sees Germany being sliced in two but then unite and rise again and strike to the east. Then it strikes at a woman on a throne across water and she disappears.
    Could this be the monarchy that disappears?

  2. Amber Dawn

    No. He did not say Russia would be defeated. He said whoever Germany was with would win. Unfortunately, Siener was prejudiced in favour of Germany and you misrepresent him. He said the Second Coming of Jesus would be during WW3. And other prophesies mark Russia as the victor. Germany will not be the world power. Israel under the Messiah will be that. Germany still has the Holocaust to answer for. So careful not to report false things. Putin has been called by God to destroy the Illuminati in Europe, which means God is with him, not against him. And God will reward him with Byzantium. He will destroy Turkey. But the escaped from Turkey will join with the Islamic forces attacking Israel. The only nation USA helps against Russia is Spain, according to Siener prophesies. From Spain, Russia goes up and destroys England. Spain gets Gibraltar back and Ireland her independence. Russia also destroys The Vatican.

  3. John Diessel

    England and France and gone already .. sharia law , communist parties , migrant influx .. so far nobody wants to answer the question why all migrants head toward England. Just the other day I saw a black french speaking migrant in Calais trying to get to England.. strange don’t you think?

  4. Armand Beukes

    Hallo daar, ek wil graag weet hoe kan ek in kontak kom met jou? How can I make contact with you, in regards about everything you have about v. Rensburg.

  5. penkop2012

    Give me 20 divisions American soldiers and I will breach Europe. Give me 15 consisting of Englishmen, and I will advance to the borders of Berlin. Give me two divisions of those marvellous fighting Boers (Meaning Farmer, originating from the Boer War) and I will remove Germany from the face of the earth. Quote BL Montgomery field marshall

  6. penkop2012

    Winston Churchill in London to Ladysmith via Pretoria (1900):

    I found the Boers ("Boer" is the old Dutch name for "farmer"), taking their young and old, dwellers in towns and land workers, a more intelligent people than the corresponding classes in England, which would include English farmers and labourers. They are far more moral in their lives and more sincerely religious than the British people. Young Boers are better men in every respect – physically and morally – than young Englishmen; and more intelligent, speaking as they nearly all do two languages, Dutch and English; while in their character and behaviour, in living clean and sober lives, they are far above the personal and moral standard of the average young Englishman of any class. Boer women never become prostitutes.

  7. CM A

    Read the prophecies of extraordinary Catholic Stigmatist Visionary Marie Julie Jahenny. She has not been Canonised since she revealed the Satanic infiltration of the Church and authorities ruining the Holy Church are trying to hush her accurate prophecies up.'invasion-de-la-france.htm

    Dr Castanon PHD-Faith&Science

    Here's more

    Fatima 1917

    Message to the Church Hierachy

    Documentaries filmed in the Holy Land

    Dr Steve Ray – Footprints of God – Peter

    Dr Steve Ray – Footprints of God – Mary

    Dr Steve Ray – Footprints of God – Paul

    Dr Brant Pitre – Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist

  8. Indorm

    I know many Brits and all of them are atheists. Britain has killed God. May he have mercy on them.

    I do think Siener must have had a bias against England. It would only be normal after two of his children died in their concentration camps.

  9. Ali the Writer

    My great-great-grandparents, Elizabeth and Jacobus Odendaal, as well as my great-grandparents Adriaan and Gertruida Odendaal, actually met with Siener Van Rensburg on several occasions. I have a hand-written note of one of his predictions concerning the downfall of the English that I found in my family bible. They were extremely anti-English. When my grandfather married my grandmother, a woman of English and Irish stock, he was disowned. My father only met his grandparents once and never again, because they hated that he was half-English.

  10. Graham T

    the trouble i have with prophecy is that it feels like everything is predetermined ahead of time. Its like watching a game when everyone knows the outcome. Hopefully he got wrong but it is uncanny how England has lost its way.

  11. ____

    As a vegetarian, I don't like this. It seems like revenge. Revenge is not a good thing. It causes cycles of bad things happening. All animals are sentient. If man can tame a lion or a dog, is there a need to feel threatened by animals? I guess most people won't get what I am saying. I think I will stay in my world.

  12. Dianne Quinn

    Ben, hi. Are you able to do another Siener van Rensburg video about South Africa in 2019. Anything about the election, and what happens thereafter.

  13. Martin A

    What is amazing is Siener van Rensburg was a religious man who never carried a rifle during the boer war but had the ability to foresee where the Khakis were. Enabling them to move around without being detected.

  14. Kurumba Atoll

    @Ben Hashem. You should monetise this video. In the coming years, the Siener will become more famous throughout the World and many people may view this video. You may as well make some money out of it, as you have gone to the trouble of making it.

  15. Konstand D'Alebout

    It is going to happen just as he said it. Because what England has done to the rest of the world.

  16. Brad

    where can I find an English translation of all his prophecies, like his own words not just peoples interpretations. cheers 🙂

  17. Studio Creator

    It is frightening how all kind of prophecies , from various religions , cultures and geographical zones converge in accelerated manner!
    Mr. Ben is there any reference for Eastern Europe in Siener's Prophecies ??
    Another seer, a german named Alois Irlmaier has made some terrible depictions of A Third World War wich leaves Europe uninhabitable and severely plagued by a biological/chemical yellow dust – This dust will be thrown from aircraft between the Black Sea and the North Sea over a 100 km wide area to destroy the Russian armies…
    Excuses for my poor english.

  18. Dewi Sant

    I just finished watching a stream about if Theresa May will stay in power or not. She did win and I wonder if this is the start to England's fall. A few other points I wonder about 1. Will Wales become independent from the UK and take her place among the nation's of the world 2. Did Nicolaas Van Rensburg give us any dates? Other than that I look forward to the raising of the fire colours and if I can I will fight for my father's homeland.

  19. Kurumba Atoll

    I wonder if the 7 clouds represent 7 locations from which disasters befall England. The two clouds to the east may represent Russia and the ME/Asia, the two clouds to the south may be Black Africa and the Afrikaners, the cloud to the north could be Scotland, and the clouds to the west could be the USA and either Ireland or Wales.

  20. penkop2012

    the biggest prophet of the modern era.  so far all his prophecies came to pass. he has a 100% record up to today. funny that almost no one knows about him.

  21. Northern Englander

    England is a Godless, hopeless, and degenerate place, unrecognisable from what it once was. Of all the great Christian movements that have sprung from the soul of the English – John and Charles Wesley and the Methodist Church, the Salvation Army, the Pilgrim Fathers, the great monasteries of Medieval England – all these and much more of England's Christian faith and heritage have been utterly despoiled.  I think that Nicolaas van Rensburg was right, I can see England being destroyed in a final judgement. I love every field, every tree, every hill, every hedgerow, and every dry stone wall in England, but for all its history and charm I can see the end coming.

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