Siener van Rensburg to many South Africans is a prophet. Over the next year, once a week, I will put up a video in the playlist “Siener van Rensburg” from the book recording his prophecies so that you can express your views on what he says.

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  1. Vierkleur Sal Wapper

    Scott, I need to watch the series on Seer van Rensburg again. I can't find it. Can you post a link, please?

  2. margelatu trandafirul galben

    South Africans should search for the Orthodox Church. There is father Zacharias van Wyk in Robertson at Bedehuis Bethanië who has the site ,father Seraphim van Niekerk in Stilfontein, father Iakobus van der Riet in Eldorado Park and newly ordained father Johann Rossouw in Bloemfontein who is also profesor of philosophy at the University of the Free State.

  3. magicmaxx

    Where can i find the videos you made on him they are gone from YouTube and i wanted to show them to my friend

  4. Charles Rogers

    Thanks Scott,
    I have viewed Siener van Renbergs prophies many times and to my thinking has never been wrong.

  5. Philip Leach

    Thank you Scott. You may want to listen to a song written about Siener by the great John Edmond Your viewers might want to listen to some more of his songs he is fantastic folk singer and when you listen to his music you are filled with a mixture of pride joy sadness but most of all a sense of patriotism and belonging so missing in our culture today. Enjoy

  6. Tessa Le Roux

    So looking forward to the chapter as most do know that he predicted what was going to happen to South Africa and the downfall and the rise of the Colk again and the flying of the Volks flag

  7. MrWotan

    People may believe it or not but it will come to pass. Negative reaction to this is due to those that are afraid of what is coming for them.

  8. Mark Lingerfelt

    This is glorious to hear. No one that I know know who he is or want to find out who he is. I want to learn as much as I can.

  9. Bob Smith

    As a born again believer in Jesus I believe that Nicholas van Rensburgs prophecies are true and that a lot of what he said lines up with the period of the tribulation which is close. However, the book of Deuteronomy Ch 18 tells us that for a prophecy to be true it must come to pass. Many of van Rensburgs have come to pass. Saying this though I don't see anything or mention about the Lord's return. I would say there is credibility though.

  10. Darryl Collett

    Mans frailty is the fact that he cannot see one second in front of him. Thanks to the Siener we have a glimpse of the future and in it a hope that a new chapter will be written for the afrikaaner and their english suporters in South Africa and Rhodesia.

  11. jct

    Sorry Scott but you can't sit on the fence, with all due respect, you either believe or you don't – objectivity doesn't work in serious "religious" matters.

  12. A K

    This is going to be very interesting. Siener's prophecies were brought to my attention about 10 years ago. I'm going to be following this series avidly! Thanks Scott!

  13. Enyaw Rebbuj

    My Prussian side of the family fought on the side of the Boers whilst my English side fought against them. Both new of and spoke very highly of Siener van Rensburg. It will be a fascinating insight into their time so look forward to these discussions. Thanks for getting the ball on the roll!

  14. Chris Stuart

    Di nag van die lang mesees so gewees het toe Mandela dood gaan, FOK, ek sit nog elke aand hier op my stoep met my koppie koffie en met my Sanna en FOKOL gebeur. So hoelank moet ek nog wag vir "Siener" se kak om te gebeur?

  15. Carel Brits

    The book Revelation and Daniel in the bible is understandable. Who ever say you cannot understand those books is serpent language. It start with the REVELATION of Jesus Christ… revealing….

  16. Tristin Tinker

    This is an exciting and timely endeavour. Please be encouraged to take on this much needed task. Even on the far west coast of British Colimbia, Canada there are many of the Boer diaspora who have relocated here since the 1980' s. Doctors, professionals and highly regarded South Africans some who " perk up "when the name "Siener" is whispered. I look with anticipation of your prophetic outreach and mutual rediscovery of the Boer Prophet.

  17. DMMLEB C

    Scott i want to ask if You can please only use
    A W T Raath books, He is the first and original writter of Uncle Siener van Rensburg prophecies in books
    He and Uncle Boy Mushman, took hands and wrote the only thruth about the full prophecies as it where given to Uncle Siener,He wrote every single one with no changes, they left nothing out (Uncle Mushman where Uncle siener van Rensburg best friend )

    All thee other writters like snyman are not the Original writters


    Read the Bible, believers in Christ will go up to meet him first. THEN the 7 year tribulation will begin. Israel will be the focus of God's attention. The time of Jacob's trouble has begun. Christians do not have the power to being Christ back to Earth. Replacement theory says that the christian church has replaced the Jews as God's people. This is false, untrue and not biblical.

  19. Thinker Patriot

    Thank you Scott, this is a very important subject and part of history all people in South Africa should know!!!

  20. Stuart campbell

    Definitely do it Scott as the saying goes a prophet is never understood or appreciated by his own people and it has been suggested that had more of the Boer commanders trusted Siener the British would have lost that war let's not let that happen in today's troubled life i believe him 100%

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