Nicolaas van Rensburg (3 August 1864 – 11 March 1926). The great South African, Afrikaans Prophet. He foresaw many events before his death in 1926, many of which have now come to pass, but there are still some prophecies yet to be realised, most paint a bleak future. If you’d like to read the full text containing more information about the man and many of his prophesies, including many prophesies yet to come, you can read it here:-

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  1. George

    Baie sal seker met my verskil, maar ek glo dat Siener die enigste ware profeet in die volk se geskiedenis is. Dit maak ook vir my perfekte sin dat hy nie baie populer was onder sy eie mense in daardie tyd nie. Daardie onpopulariteit saam met sy sterk geloof het hom suiwer gehou en hom baie aardse en menslike versoekings gespaar. Dis maar my opinie. Boeregroete aan al my geliefde volksgenote.

  2. Will. Woods

    It is interesting that his latter day visions include space weapons ("from the skies"). The US has experimented with kinetic energy weapons from low earth orbit, hypervelocity projectiles and high energy air defense laser systems as well as shipborne HIMARS and cruise missiles launched from transport aircraft. "When the ice begins to melt…"; well, this is already happening in both Greenland, the North Pole and the Antarctic. Something to think about for certain. And some American prophetic voices have certainly warned of foreign military action coupled with natural disasters.

  3. Liezl-Mari van Rensburg

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  4. Mark Sayers

    They incorrectly thought Siener was talking about mandela, but he was talking about zuma , mandela did not disappear behind a cloud, zuma did. Mandela did not cause a shadow over the country, zuma did. Mandela never lifted an assegaai and shield….he was a xhosa, assegaai and shield comes from zulu's. Zuma is a zulu.

  5. Joey P

    His visions are interesting, similar to some German Christian visionary’s we have here 🇩🇪

  6. gymguy25

    I remember hearing of his end times prophecy several years ago being associated with "white racism will be on the increase all over the world". I was reminded of this yesterday on Facebook as I was hearing of all the anti-Asian/Chinese attacks that have been going on recently in the Western World over the virus.

  7. William Passfield

    I'm finding it really difficult to relate the prophecies to what the narrator is saying. The Cherbynol one vas as vague as anything. I don't know how it related to the nuclear explosion.

  8. Lunga Biyela


  9. Lia JvR

    My great great great grandfather lived in the same place as siener and our surename is Janse Van Rensburg

  10. Sjúrður Højgaard

    The atrocities perpetrated by the once proud British empire makes one so easily cease to wonder why God brought her low. The voice in this film would more fittingly be of a Frenchman reading rediculously broken English. God is Judge.

  11. Philip Pattinson

    There were three videos made by Journeyman pictures. these were removed from you tube. Do you have these videos too?

  12. Q Point Assembly

    that blast was contrived to scare pple from using nuclear energy as the cheapest and safest form of power.

  13. Wishpicker

    Ek is baie jammer, maar ek kan nie Afrikaans praat nie; daarom kan u asb. u antwoorde in Engels plaas, sodat ek kan verstaan ​​wat u sê en kan reageer as u wil. Dankie.

  14. Ali the Writer

    My great-great-grandparents, Elizabeth and Jacobus Odendaal, as well as my great-grandparents Adriaan and Gertruida Odendaal, actually met with Siener Van Rensburg on several occasions. I have a hand-written note of one of his predictions concerning the downfall of the English that I found in my family bible. They were extremely anti-English. When my grandfather married my grandmother, a woman of English and Irish stock, he was disowned. My father only met his grandparents once and never again, because they hated that he was half-English.

  15. Pete Poster

    Dis snaaks dat Max De preez dit hy net siener se visoene gaan lees sal hy weet dat na die civil war hy nie meer hier gaan bly nie? lol

  16. Petro Shingalana

    And England thinks God has forgotten what they have done to us in South Africa…. And still today in 2019 there are still English people from England working with the blacks to take our farms again, just like in Rhodesia now Zimbabwe…What England had sown she will reap, your country will olso go into the hands of these people.

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